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About OPS Blog

Welcome to OPS Blog! Here you can find information about how the blog work, the privacy policy, user rights, among other things. It's important to read it before sign up and be part of this amazing family. I hope that at the end you can join me in my journey. 

** How OPS work?
As much of you know I started blogging a year ago, so I'm still working on managing the blog, day of posts, topics or categories, among other things. I have so many ideas in my head, that I'm trying to put them in order and looking for ways on how implements them in the blog. I tried to post 3-4 times a week, on these days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. To be honest I have been struggling with the days, so I have been posting on Monday, Friday and Sunday. My draft section is full with a lot of topics that I want to share with you, I just have to organize better. I want to share with all of you my knowledge in the different topics, specially the Chemistry topic since is my major.

One Percent of Something is a personal blog written and edited by me. OPS is a for-profit blog, meaning that I partner with several brands and affiliate programs. Also, means that I sell educational programs. I have to establish that this doesn't means that all my blogs about companies or product are because I receive a commission, a lot of them are because I really love the product/company/brand. So, I will let you know at the top of the post if there is any affiliation links, which means if you click on them it may redirect you to the the brand/company/product page and I will receive a little commission (There's no cost for you, so don't worry you aren't obligated to purchase anything). What I do with the commissions? I use it to keep the blog working and upgrade it, so that way you never get bored.

**Privacy & Copyright:
I have all the copyright over my posts, which means that everything I wrote is my personal genuine opinion and when I do a collaboration post I give credit of who did it. The photos that I use are public ones and mines (taking by myself), when I don't own the copyright of the photo I'm going to stipulated at the end of the post. I respect all the privacy information of all the people who works with me and I never going to publish any private information that I haven't been given permission to do so. 

** Mailing list and Newsletter/Magazine
I'm going to be total honest with all of you, I'm still learning how to use the mailing list and the newsletter. I decide to create a Seasonal Newsletter (that is more like a magazine) in PDF format so you all can downloaded. My Summer Mag is available now and I'm working on the Fall Mag. What content or topics are included? Well obviously it going to have seasonal content, but also it going to have a fitness section, things to do section, trends, recipe section, and inspirational quotes. The only thing that you have to do to get your Newsletter and Mag is Sign Up to the blog and that's all.

** User Rights 
As users and OPS Family members you have your rights.
  1. Withdraw your consent : As user and part of the OPS Family you have the right to withdraw your consent to receive or give any information, even if you have consented before. 
  2. Make a claim or report : As part of the OPS Family you have the right to do a claim or report if you feel or see that something is wrong or incorrect. 
  3. Request Information : As a OPS Family member you can request any information related to the blog and it extensions at any time. 
  4. Receive your data : Since you sign up or join the OPS Family you can receive any data that you as a user has generated. 
  5. Delete your data : Since you sign up or join the OPS Family you can delete any data that you as a user has generated. 

** Pay Methods
I'm still working in this, but I will update it as soon as I get a secure pay method. 

I you have any questions or doubts contact me :

**Any recommendation is always welcome!


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