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Preparing for Valentine's Day

by - January 18, 2020

Hello guys welcome back!

Today I'm going to share with you some tips to prepare yourself for Valentine's Day. I'm going to be focus on skin care and makeup. I'm also planning on making a video with makeup ideas, they're going to be short with all the details to posted on instagram. So if you don't follow me, take a second and click here. So let's begin.

First of all, I'm so exited with my new glam bag from Ipsy everything is so pink-ish and valentine's day as you can see in the picture below.

Okay, now that I have share my new products, I want to share with you the process and tips to prepare your skin for San Valentine's day. 

First step is cleaning your face, I have being loving the Jelly Cleanser from the brand Drunk Elephant. I mean is a little bit expensive but it's really good and the cream is good too. I got it for free for my birthday but I'm going to buy them once I finish them. 

Second, apply a mask. I use a scrub mask from La Chloris Urban Botanics brand. It was Ultra Glow Moroccan Rose Mask. It's really good, once you applied the mask you leave it for 10-15 min. (I think lol). I usually leave it 15 min. Once is done I use a cotton pad to scrub my face with warm water. 

If I don't use my scrub mask I use one that I got from Peach & Lily, is a super revoot resurfacing mask for pro exfoliation. When you apply this mask you feel like a soft tingly sensation for just a few seconds. It's really good, I got it from Ulta Beauty in a pack. 

Third, a face sheet mask. I don't have a specific one but I have being trying Korean ones. They're really good. The best part is that they leave your skin super soft and hydrated. 

Finally, I finish with a hydrating moisturizer. I'm using the one from Drunk Elephant like I said before but also I'm using my normal one from Ponds. Both of them are really good.  

Now, when it comes to makeup I prefer soft and cute looks for my everyday but I like "heavy" makeup for date nights and just getting out at night. Btw I don't really get to go out often so when I do I like to do my best to look "perfect". 

Since is Valentine's Day, that means that we have to use some pink-ish/ pastel colors. I mean, we don't have to you can use whatever you want! But I will like to do like a pink look and a purple look since I have my new eyeshadow palettes with this colors that I'm obsessed about it and since they're a lot of glitter-ish/shimmer-ish colors I don't wear them as much as I want to. 

Now is time to prepare my face, for this I use a hydrating and brightening treatment from Peach & Lily brand, follow by an eye treatment from Burt Bees I think. I used to use a moisturizer from Murad (Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisturizer ) but I finished it already. So now I use another from Murad but is the  Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30. If I don't use the Murad, I use or the Oasis Hydrating Treatment. Finally I use the Camelina + Strobe Luminizing Primer or any other primer that I have next to me to be honest lol, but that is my go to. 

Now my face is ready to apply my makeup. This process really help to keep my skin healthy and ready for the day whether you decide to wear makeup or not. So yeah, In my daily makeup routine I don't usually use concealer but when I do i definitely use the undereye from It Cosmetics or the CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ from It Cosmetics too. I definitely don't use foundation unless is a special occasion, but the one I have is one from cover girl with a matte finish (I don't really remember the name right now). For powder I use the compact foundation/powder formula from Cover Girl too. I truly love the Cover Girl's products. Anyway, for blush I use anyone that is accessible to me depending on my look. For contouring I use a bronzer, I'm in love with one that a friend gave me(I don't know the name either, but it smells amazing!!), but other than that I love the sun kissed color from Tarte I think. For eyeshadows I have being using the colourpop palette of Ana from Frozen and the purple me (I think that is called). In addition to those two, I'm using a palette that I bought in Ulta beauty from the brand Sleek Makeup. It's pretty nice and the colors are super pigmented. The highlighter that I use right now is one from NYX cosmetics that have various on it including a beautiful purple that I'm in love with.

P.s. If you haven't notice my fav color is purple lol

For lips, I don't usually use lipstick so my go to are lip balms. The one I use is the normal one or original from Burt Bees brand. It's really good and it helps a lot my lips. 

So yeah guys, here are like my process summary of how I prepare my skin to keep it healthy, clean and glowing. If you want to see the final looks for Valentine's Day stay tune to my instagram account. As soon as I make them I will be uploading them. 

See you soon guy!
Happy weekend! 
Love you!

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