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My top Goals for October

by - October 01, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today is all about our goals. I will be starting by saying happy first day of Scriptober and Inktober, YAY!! It's going to be a fun month or at least that is one of my goals just have fun doing what I love, because this is all about that. What are your goals for this month?

I want to talk about some of them specifically since they're going to be my priority and as much as I love having time with my husband and dedicating him time I also have to take care of myself, of my own needs that only me can take care of. Before I share my top goals, I want to share with you my monthly favorites.

Monthly Favorites

1. Beauty

I have being in love with this face oil that I received in one of my Ipsy Glam Bags. I don't remember which one but I will be doing a review of my June, July, August, September & October Glam Bags. I know, I said before that I was going to do it but I wasn't motivated and everything that I wrote and film I didn't liked it. Since the idea was doing a video instead of a post. But I decided to stop doing videos and focused on my blog and the videos just make them for Instagram instead of YouTube. But going back to the face oil it's from the brand FEEL and it's use for brightness and to helped you with your dry skin specially in these cold days to come. The price for the 50 mL is $38. 

2. Entertainment

As you know my go to TV series for this time of the year is The Gilmore Girls. Yeap, this is my favorite series specially since I share the same love for coffee lol 

3. Style

My go to clothing piece, for this month is my sienna color sweater which I bought in a thrift store and  let me tell you I love it!!! Yes, it's the one on the GIF, and as you can see I'm very happy with it! It is super cozy and comfy and can go with almost everything! It's PERFECT specially for work since it have being super cold. 

I'm all into sweaters and earth colors (specially wine and sienna) this Fall 2019. ohhh and boots!!

Top Monthly Goals

My priority is taking care of myself  by creating self-care morning and night routine where I'm going to take care of my skin, body, mind and spiritual state. Because if we aren't taking care of ourselves and we aren't good in those aspects how can we help and be there for others, right? 

Once I take care of those things I will be focusing in my relationship with my hubby and having quality time with him enjoying ourselves and our time together.

And finally my third top goal is finish the inktober and scriptober challenge. Since its a way to growth as an artist and blogger. 

Which ones are your top goals for this month? Let me know down below!

Happy Tuesday and Fall! 

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