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My Autumn Closet- Clothing and Accessories

by - October 05, 2019

Hello my beautiful people welcome back!

Today I’m going to be talking about the fall accessories and clothing that you will definitely need for this Fall 2019. But before that, I want to share a little bit of the post from yesterday (thursday). I didn’t write it because I haven’t celebrated Halloween since I was a little kid, because is something that I grew up being "bad". What I mean is the history behind it. However, I do love the idea of costumes and have a nice time with friends eating candies. So, what’s the story behind Halloween? Well it was originated in the ancient Celtic times, specifically in the Celtic festival Samhain. In this festival people had bonfires and used costumes to get rid of ghosts. It was created because the Celts thought that there were one day, where the boundary between worlds get blurry or inexistence so we all coexisted at the same time. That night they used the bonfires to make sacrifices with animals or crops to the Celtics deities, so that way the deities help them with the prophecies and to make them feel more secure and with direction in the cold winter days. Once the ritual was over, their hearts were lit again.

This tradition, was taken by the Romans after they conquer the Celtic lands, but they had two days instead of one; One in commemoration of the dead people and the other in commemoration or in honor of Pomona (the roman goddess of fruits and trees) which probably lead us to the tradition of bobbing apples. Later on, the Church change the date and made November 2, the day of “All Souls Day” in honor of the dead, in an attempt to replace the Celtic festival. 

Halloween came to be more “official” celebration in America in the late or second half of the nineteenth century. To the celebration, the people started to included more rituals and witchcraft but with the pass of the time it started to be more like a family thing where even the newspapers asked the people to go out and have fun without included any witchcraft or grotesque thing. So yeah, right now even though there is a lot of people who use this day to do bad and dark things, also there is other who just like to have fun and eat candy. I think that if you have clear your beliefs and you know what is good and what is not, you can go out to have fun with your family and friends. Even, in the past it was a day to remember the people that is not with us anymore. Remembering them is not bad, what its bad is trying to have contact with them opening a portal that you don't know anything about it, that you don't even know if you're truly "talking" with them. What is bad is treating that like a game when it isn't one. You don't know what negative and bad things you can summon that can follow you home. Just be careful and think before doing anything that you can regret later. Be safe and have fun. 

Anyway, going back to the main topic, the weather is getting cold and we have to be prepared. Let's begin with the accessories, so obviously the first accessory that we need is a scarf. You don’t need to buy or have more than one, if you choose the perfect color or combination of colors. They're perfect, because depending on the type of material, you can use them to add a pop of color, to change an outfit or to protect you of the cold. 

These are the ones I have since I moved here. They have kinda of neutral colors. And the materials are different, the brown one it's like a more soft and lightweight while the wine/gray one is more like cashmere texture and material, is more warm. To be completely honest, is my favorite and I use it even if it doesn't match me at all haha. 

Another accessory that you must have in your closet is headbands, specially is the headband can be used as a little scarf too. So that way have double purpose and more weight in your outfits and closet. For example this beautiful yellow headband/neck scarf.

The sucks also play an important role to accessorize your outfits and make it unique and colorful or dark as you want it to be. I ordered the ones on the collage photo from Shein, except the wine ones, which I really want they're so gorgeous. The others two I already have them in my closet. 

Now, let's go to my closet! Here is like a little previous of what's in my closet since I will be doing like a short video and posting it in IGTV. It's going to be my first one yay! Anyways, let's start with my favorite piece this Fall, which I mention in one of my previous post: "My Top Goals", is this beautiful cardigan sweater.


Also, to protect me from the cold I use this beautiful coat or winter coat that I have since I move here too. It's my go to for every occasion. It's super soft and comfy inside and a neutral color so I can match it with everything. This are some of fav pieces of clothes, they're mostly from a thrift store, so that's why I didn't like create any links. Yeah, I love Thrifting!

First, this plaid black and white buttons shirt, its so cute and I can use it for work or just to go out. I can use it with converse to make a more casual look or I can use it with my boots or work shoes to make the outfit more professional. The next is this blush sweater, it was like 3 dollars and I love it, it so warm and cute!! I also have this amazing beige turtleneck sweater, specially the detail wit the buttons. Is perfect to layer it with dresses or corduroy jumpers. Yeap I want to buy a corduroy jumper. I bought a skirt is in dark blue, I will be showing it in my video, so stay tuned! For dresses, I have this beautiful wine color dress that I'm obsessed with. Ii bought it in Ross ad its from the maternity section. The same with the black one, I just fall in love with them, so I bought them! I love the black one, because I can style it with a lot of things. Obviously, since I'm working in an office I need to dress professional, I have this wine color blazer from a Thrift store, I think it was a flight assistant uniform because it came with a pencil skirt and a bandana. 

Finally, shoes (yay!!). Yeap I have some of them in my closet, the ones that I use a lot because I like to see the whole outfit. Although to be honest, I have clothes and shoes in my 3 closets haha. I have the principal closet that is in our bedroom, the one on the living room/dinner room and the one the guest room/painting room. Anyways most of our shoes are in the one in the living/dinning room since is the most close to the door. But if you know me, you know I'm OBSESSED with boots and this fall is not different. I bought 2 pair of boots in Marshalls a few weeks ago and I'm in love with them, specially the ones in the picture!They're LIT!The other ones are black too but the have a small thick heel. In addition to those, I have my old black ones and the gray ones that I bought for work. I'm still want ones white and one for hiking that I can use to go adventure in the woods to take pictures lol. I love the ones in the picture because they're two colors, black and brown so I can match them with different outfits, plus they're combat boots style.

To finish with the shoes, my converse, they cannot be missing in my closet and my outfits. I'm a converse girl! A few weeks a go I bought two pairs, the wine ones and a new white ones, since the one I have are dying. But I bought the boot style instead the "regular" style.

Anyway guys, I'm a little late posting this but this is life and there are some things more important. What matters is that here I'm trying my best for you guys. I hope you guys like it and remember to stay tuned to my instagram account for the video with my closet tour and Fall outfit try-on.

I was supposed to write see you tomorrow, but technically its tomorrow, so See you later! 

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