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Monthly Gratitude List

by - October 13, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

There is never too much to give thanks for what you have and what not too, because although we sometimes look at it as a bad thing that we don't have it is for a reason and maybe we don't need it or it doesn't build us up for anything good.

Btw, do you know that yesterday and today there is a Full Moon, which means time to harvest, time for being grateful, let go what you don't need and open yourself. So yeah, I'm ready for let go everything that is negative and bad in my life. 

So here is my Monthly Gratitude List:

1. I'm grateful because I'm alive
2. I'm grateful for my husband
3. I'm grateful for my families
4. I'm grateful for my friends
5. I'm grateful for my job
5. I'm grateful for all of you
6. I'm grateful for the things I have
7. I'm grateful for the things I don't have
8. I'm grateful for the new adventures
9. I'm grateful for the new day coming 
10.I'm grateful because I'm God's daughter

Are you ready to let go the bad things and be grateful? If yes, What are you grateful for? 

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