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Horror Movies?

by - October 06, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!!

Today's topic is Horror Movies and well if you know me, you know that I don't like horror movies and the ones that I already saw was with just an eye open lol! But here I'm going to share with you some "Horror" movies based on people closed to me that loveeee them! They said that just a few movies had make them feel scare and I decided to choose the most "popular" between them.

So here are the Top 3:

1. The Blair Witch Project
2. Insidious
3. Witch

For the ones, I already saw, they probably are meh for you but for me they were scary af.

1. Scream - I think this was the first horror movie I saw that I can remember.
2. It - I was so scare of taking a baths since the moment I saw this movie, and there where a house in the back of my elementary school that the people used to said that a guy in a clown costume lived there and and kidnapped children. It was scary days lol
3. Carrie (the original)
4. Halloween - I don't know which one was the one I saw, but they're terrifying at least for me)
4. Freddy Kruger - A classic
5. Jason - Also a classic lol. He never die!! It so frustrated!
6. Ring - The first time I saw this movie we were in the living room and when the phone ring for the first time in the movie with the "Seven daysss"" buuhh the phone in or house ring too, believed me everyone jump at the same time lol
7. The others
8. The fairy tail or the Haunting of Helena( I think is call like that is a terrifying story of the tooth fairy, that movie gave me nightmares for a long time).

Let me know your favorites horror movies or if you're like me (scare as a little chick).

Happy Sunday!!

P.S. I'm going to be back with my devotional Sunday as soon as the Scriptober ends. So don't worry! 

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