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Home Fall Decor + Blogging Tips (because why not)

by - October 09, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Welcome back to another late scriptober day lol! Yeah, it have being a little hard to try and stay on track between work, inktober and scriptober (plus obviously I need to have time with my husband, and the things of the house). I really admire the people that I don't know how manage to do all that, it's really hard and obviously when it comes to priorities my husband and home, are number one. 

Anyways, since we're on the topic let's talk a little about blogging tips especially about how to be more consistent (at least try to be) and don't fall behind (like I'm right now haha). I also have being lazy, so that's why I'm going to share this tips because I know they work like I said I have being a little lazy too. 

So here are some tips:

1. Time Management

Yeap, you read well, "Time Management". The one thing I most struggle with haha, but once you do it right you can succeed. How to do time management? You start setting goals, once you have them in mind you have to prioritizing them, but remember do it wisely. Work smart and not harder, if you do it, you will have more free time. Other things that you can do to manage your time is setting a time limit for each task that you have. Start using to-do lists to be more organize. 

2. Plan Ahead

This also, goes under time management since that is the key for everything. How you can plan ahead? You can create a schedule, it doesn't have to be perfect but good for all the things you need to do. Planning ahead will help you to don't waste time trying to figuring out what's next step and instead you will be producing continue work. 

3. Avoid Distractions

Especially when you're tired because everything is going to be more appealing than work or the task you have. In my case I need some kind of noise in the background, however sometimes I put some series on the TV and even if I already saw it, I still get distracted. So when that happens I tend to go to a "quiet" place. 

4. Do it because you love it

Don't do the things if you don't like or love them, because then it's going to be more difficult for you to do the things. So, choose wisely in what you're working. Like I said don't  do it because you want to do what is trending. In my case, even though it has been a little stressful, I really enjoy doing it, except when I'm on those days of the month haha (like these week lol).

Now, let's talk about HOME DECOR! Yeah you need to have an schedule for this too! So the topics comes handy. I already have some decoration of Fall in our apartment including the ones that I put last year (that I never take out haha). Like this ones:

But for this year, for some of them I change the location and add other things. Here are some of the things I added this year. I still have to add more but like last year I'm trying to add decoration that I can use for Christmas and whole year haha. 

I still have to work on my balcony since I want to create a cozy beautiful place. Like this ones I found on Pinterest (my best friend). Obviously less things because then Winter is coming and I will need to put them inside. 

Anyways, let me know your decoration plans for this Fall and how you guys stay focused on work and cozy and warm in the cold. See you in the next post! (I hope it's tomorrow, lol!).

Happy Wednesday! Love  you guys!

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