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Fall Bucket List 2019

by - October 02, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back to another day of  #Scriptober!!

Today's post is going to be short since it's a list of the things I want to do. So yeah, I'm going to talk about my bucket list for this Fall 2019!! But what is a bucket list? A bucket list is a list (duhh!!!) or series of task that you want to do before a period of time; In this case activities that you only can do in the Fall season or you wanted to be on the Fall season. It's very closed to my goals for this month and November but here I go. 

This are things that I always have wanted to do, so I'm decided this Fall to make them true and experience every moment.

Let me know your Fall Bucket list and which things you would recommend me. Love you guys and Happy Fall!

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