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Cozy Self Care Routine

by - October 12, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back! 

Today I'm going to share my self-care routine. But first, what is self-care routine? What includes? Well, i guess a lot of you already know the answers of this questions,but for the ones that don't know, a self care routine or self care is doing things to take care of yourself and not only in the outside but also in the inside, especially when it comes to the mental health. 

The mainly point of having a self-care routine or self-care time is to have a moment to yourself, so you can relax and recharge your energies. There are different ways to create your own self-care routine you just have to find what you love and stick to it. 

Here are some tips and examples of self-care routine including the one that I do. 

1. Do what you love

Yeap, like I said if you do something that you love it's more likely to stick to it and make it a routine. 

2. Don't use it as an excuse to be lazy and do nothing

3. Don't use it as an excuse to be selfish

4. Choose a time of the day where you're relax to do your activities of self-care

5. Do monthly general and specific declutters

Like I said before they're different types of Self-care that focused on different aspects like

1. Mental Health 

The mental health includes psychological and emotional health. This two are extremely important because they practically determine how you feel, how you act and how you interact with others. How do you take care of yourself emotionally and psychological? You just have to allowed you feel those feelings even when they're a angry feelings without judging yourself.You can choose a quiet place and let them out, since  it will help you get rid of the weight that they could be. Also, you have to find activities that can help you feel happy, laugh and feel good with yourself. Try to not stress out more than you can handle, learn to said no. It's very important to be at peace with your mind. Pay attention on how you're feeling, what you feel in any situation, how you will like to act and what you can do to get there. On the moments, that you feel overwhelmed, just take a deep breath and try to focus on things that make you feel good. 

2. Spiritual Health

Your spiritual health is also important, because it's what get you close to your spirit, soul and your inner self. Also, it helps you create a great relationship with God, which in my case is really important because it helps me find who I'm and who I can be. It also, help me with my mental health since I have his love and support at all times. 

3. Professional Self-care

When I talk about professional self-care I'm referring to have a good work environment, avoiding gossip and bad vibes. Also, learning how to deal with work related stress, especially learn how to don't mixed up with your outside work stress or live. Why? Because is something negative that can end up affecting your mindset and your relationship outside work. Some things you can do to take care of your professional area is decorating your work space creating a good place where you feel comfortable and in peace. Another thing you can do is taking your breaks and going outside and walk or sit. 

Which activities you can do to start your self-care routine?

1. Journaling- This is the one that I do most, I like to write down how I'm feeling and what's in my mind. It really helps me, especially since I moved here and it just me and my husband. I have being journaling my whole life, that's right I always have been the kind of girl that writes everything down and had like a millions of diaries. 

2. Doing any type of physical exercises like Yoga. I'm not an expert on Yoga but I have tried it before and it's really good to get in sync with your body and mind.

3. Painting/Drawing - Creating art is a way to get in touch with your inner self too and can help you release all the stress you have.

4.Go out to the nature- you can go out on walk or just sit in the park surrounding by nature. Breathing fresh air helps a lot. 

5. Go out with friends. Be sure to choose a place where you feel yourself and with people you can be you without investing to much energy. In my case, it's hard to make conversations for a long time and be surround for a lot of people. At the end I always feel drained. 

My perfect cozy self-care routine it's just turn on a candle, put some music and start writing in my journal, or draw something in my sketchbook/art journaling. It help me with my creativity plus it help to release my feelings. I love listening to music, it's like therapy it's like I'm on my own world, in my own bubble. 

Let me know which one is your cozy self routine and your tips on things to do. 

Love you guys! Happy Saturday!

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