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Work Casual Outfits for work

by - May 18, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

I know every morning we fight with our closet looking what to wear. Today I want to share with you different outfits that you can use to work. I decide to share with you the outfits that I wear this past week, I also bought some things in the thrift store and I can't wait to wear them. They're casual but at the same time makes you look professional.  The cardigans, button shirt and blazer are essential pieces that you must have in your closet to go to work and you can combine them with anything, specially with jeans. So the outfits that I'm going to be sharing are outfits specially with jeans. 

Another essential piece that you must have in your closet are dressed pants, specially a black and beige or cream color. 


Monday was a rainy/cloudy day, so I decided to go with a more casual and comfort look. I loved this outfit since I love boots. The jeans are from Van Heusen|IZOD Golf, I love this store and the quality of the clothing. The black cardigan is from Marshalls or Burlington I really don't remember haha and the shirt I think is from Charlotte Russe.


For this outfit I decided to go for a look more "professional". The outfit is from Van Heusen|IZOD Golf and the boots are from Marshalls, they're super comfy! 


For this outfit I went more casual but still "professional". The shirt is from Marshalls and the jeans are from Van Heusen|IZOD Golf  too! I love this outfit, I mean I love everything that I can wear converses and jeans haha


Like I said I love all the outfits with jeans and converse. This is a cute casual outfit perfect for the spring! It make you look "professional" in a casual cute way. You can use other type of shirt if you want. 


Before using ripped jeans, be sure that in your work space is allowed and that they don't show much. The idea is to look presentable and/or professional, not going to the movies or with friends to go for a walk.

Here are more outfits that I have wear to work:

We were dressed in the same colors to work.

I hope this outfits help you or inspire you to get ready in the mornings to work. Let me know in the comment section below your work outfits. 

Happy weekend guys! Love you guys! 

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