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Journaling with God

by - May 19, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

It's Sunday which means is time to talk about God and how amazing He is! Today I want to share something a little bit different, I want to share with you the different options that you have to create your own journal for devotionals and bible study or just for the things you want to talk with God. 

It's a easy but fun way to learn more about God, to connect more with Him, to know more about you and what's in your heart and mind. I don't know if you know or if I have mentioned it before, but I love journaling, sometimes I feel like I don't have time to do it, but I always try to do it. I have always have a journal for my prayers and the study of the bible and God. So I decided that it was time to do it.  

The things you will need is a notebook it doesn't have to be an expensive journal, a normal notebook can do it. You will need a pen and finally you just need to open your heart and star writing everything down. 

If you want to do a Devotional Journal, you can  make like a "template" so you know what to write because sometimes we get stuck and our minds block when we see a blank page because we have no idea what to write, so it's good to have some kind of template or prompts to guide you through. Here are some inspirations from pinterest (you guys know that I love pinterest):

For Bible journaling, nowadays there are bibles where you can draw, write and paint in it, because they're made for that, but if you already have your bible and you don't want to journaling in it, because you're like me and want a lot of space and keep things organize you can get a notebook or journal (in my case is a regular notebook but the paper is good quality which means that I can paint in it, without creating the bubbles or damaging the paper. This is an example of the bible journaling that are "popular" now:

Anyhow guys, right know I have two notebooks one for bible study journaling and the other for devotionals/talking with God journal. Additional to that I also have a thoughts/mind journal where I write how I feel in general, where I write my poems (or at least the the poem attempt hehe). I'm trying to do them with an artistic form or style, since I'm trying to be more creative. 

I really encourage you guys to start your own journal, its a good way to know more about you and God and see how your life change based on your decisions and how much you let God be in your life. It's a log of your life, where you can look back and see how much you have growth physically, mentally and spiritually. You won't regret it!

Love you guys!!! 
Happy Sunday!

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