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Naming your blog

by - March 08, 2019

Hello guys, welcome back!

Today I'm going to share with you some tips on how you can choose the name of your blog. So here they are:

1. Short and catchy
When you're looking for a name be sure to choose a name that is catchy but is also short. Why? Because that way is going to be easy to other people to remember it and also it would be more easy to find on the internet. Let your creativity out, look for other blogs that are similar of what you want and take inspiration of them, but please don't copy the blog and be original. 

2. Niche
Choosing a niche is not something that you need mandatorily, but is good in the way that help you establish an audience and help you get things more organize. Is good to be part of something specific so that way you know what are the things you need to success. Some niches are:
  • Finance
  • Health & Fitness
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Personal Development
  • Tech
  • Parenting
  • Military
  • Among other
There're a lot of niches that you can specialize yourself and you can choose more than one if that is what you want. 

3. Using your name
If you want you can use your name in your blog title, this can help so others can find you and add that personal touch to your blog name.

4. Brand Names and Trademarks
Avoid using brand names and trademarks because this can bring some problems with the owners or proprietor. 

5. Ask for opinion
If you aren't sure about your name, if it is catchy, unique or short, you can always ask a friend or a family member if the name is all that you want and meet your expectations.

6. Check the domain available
This is a step super important, be sure to have some options in case one of them the domain of your name isn't available. The domain is the label that identify your blog and give you authority over it. Some places where you can check if the domain of your blog name is available are:

7. Blog Name Generators
Also, there are some online resources where you can search for blog names that are super easy to use. Here are some examples:


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