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DramaFever Shutdown, now what?

by - March 22, 2019

Hello guys, welcome back!

Today I'm going to talk about a topic that I love a lot, and that is Korean Drama! In my posts: "My latest addiction" & "My top 10 Korean Drama Series that you would love" I talked you about my favorite ones and they're still my favorites but let me tell you that I have seen ones that have broken my heart because of how sad the story is, I will let you know later on.

As much of you know the go to platform to see this Korean Drama (at least for me) was DramaFever, but sadly they shutdown on October 2018 due to some business reasons as they let us know when we try to access the platform. In addition to DramaFever other platform that I use is Netflix but I feel I already saw all the korean dramas that they have. Some of the Korean Dramas on Netflix that I love are:
  1. Hymn of  Death - This Drama is super sad and it broke my heart. It only have 3 episodes, but let me tell you those 3 episodes had me crying the whole time. I mean, I practically cry for everything because I'm a very sensible person but this was out of the normal! haha
  2. Accidentally in Love- Its super funny and cute!
  3. Romance is a bonus book - Definitely super cute I can say it's super cheesy.
  4. Memory Love- It's funny but the end left me with a weird sensation or feeling. If you have watched it let me know what you think!
  5. The song of your heart reboot- This is a trippy drama, I love it because it's different and very funny. 
  6. A taiwanese tale of two cities- this is not a Korean Drama but I really loved it.

Anyway, the other day Anna contact me and let me know about this post that have a variety of platforms where you can look to watch the Korean Drama and a lot of Asian TV (Alternatives to DramaFever to Watch Korean Dramas in 2019). They update the list constantly letting you know which ones are running and which ones had shutdown, which is pretty cool and thoughtful of them. The only platform that they mention that I was aware of is Viki ,since my sister recommended it to me. But go to the link and check it out the other platforms and see which one is better for you. 

I hope this is help you, so go and chill out watching your favorite Korean Drama or give it a try if your're new to this world.

Happy Friday!!
Love you guys!!

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