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Why you should start a Blog?

by - February 20, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back! Today I'm going to sharing some reasons why you should start a Blog.

The "blogger world" is not all and always about making money, and to be honest is very rare that you start making money the first months or even the first year, especially if you're new to the social media world but it's not impossible either. Anyway, there is one of the reason you should start a Blog even though for me is not the principal or most important. You should start a Blog because:

1. You love writing and need a place to do it

2. You love helping other people

3. You need a place where you can put your thoughts and ideas.

4. Is a place where you can share whatever you want with the world

5. Is a place that help you growth as a person but also help you as a professional

6. Is a place where you can generate income (as a hobby or as a career)

7. It help you connect with people around the world

8. You can get contacted by your favorite brand or company

9. You can write wherever you are and whenever you want!

10. Just because you can

Don't be afraid to do it, it's super fun and you learn on the way. I'm going to be doing a post next friday with some basics to start your own blog but in the meantime go thinking in the name and look for the different niches to see if you like one. If not don't worry you don't need to be under one niche if you don't want to that is totally up to you. 

Having a blog and be able to call you blogger feels good, because it help you feel part of something which can motivate you to achieve your goals because it would work as a "portfolio" of your life based on the things that you have accomplished, the areas you have to work on and the projects that you have created that can help you move to the next step. The best part, you can look back and see how much you have learn, how much you have accomplished and how much you have growth as a person and as a professional. When you start blogging you start strengthening your skills, especially your written skills, but also your communication skills, marketing skills, time management, problem solving, among others. 

So guys, go ahead and start a blog, it's fun and always keep you active. I hope this post motivate you to start your own blog, if you start your blog, let me know down below so I can go and check it out! See you friday with the basics of starting your own blog!

Love you guys!

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