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What I have learned as a Military Spouse?

by - February 01, 2019

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some of the things that I learn as a Military Spouse. As some of you know I have been a military spouse for two years or almost two years in june, and in all this time I had the opportunity to grow and learn new things. I made a video about this on my YT Channel if you want to check it out here is the link: What I learn as a Military Spouse & How influence my professional life? Anyways, being a military spouse it hasn't been easy in some areas but in general I can't complain. Here are the things that I have learned in this time:

1. Be Patient
When you're in the military lifestyle you have to be very patient especially with your spouse because they're dealing with a lot of stuff in their work and sometimes they're very stressful, so you have to be patient with them. Also, you have to be patient in general when it comes to things related to the military lifestyle since they have their regulations and sometimes they take time.Without mention the people around you that aren't in the military and doesn't understand certain things, and you just can't explain them like you wish. 

2. Always have an emergency plan and multiple plans
You never know what can happen, so always be prepare but most important always be prepared for the worse so you don't left out anything. 

3. Resources & Benefits
Make sure you look for all the information about the benefits and the different resources every branch have to offer to the military spouses. The have a lot of alternatives for us, especially when it comes to education and general jobs. This resources have been very useful for me, so you can go to their official page, facebook groups and even blogs to find more information about the benefits and resources that they have for us. 

4. Deal with stress
This has been the most thins I have learn in this two years , because it's not easy. I have learn to deal with my stress and my husband stress. They're under constant stress in their work and sometimes that is reflected in the house even when they try to keep the work and personal life separated. So, it's super important learn how to manage the stress so you can help your spouse and be their rock and support, specially when you're a civil and don't understand a lot of thing of their work and they just can't explained to you because its hard or its too private to do it. Remember to be patient when you're dealing with all the stress. 

5. Keep work and personal life appart
This is very important to us, I mean we talk about his work and I talk about the things that I do because we care for each other and like to know how has being the day but when it comes to "problems" or workload especially in his work we like to keep it separate so it doesn't influence our relationship and his environment out of work and that way he can relax and enjoy the free time. I mean he talk to me and let me know that he had a crazy day and he is under a lot of stress or pressure so I know how to help him.

6. Keep myself active
This has being the key for me since I'm in my house all day, right know I'm a "housewife", shop owner, blogger, youtuber, artist and I'm looking for chemist lab jobs. Also, I'm looking for the next steps that I have to take to achieve my professional goals and personal. All this things even though sometimes I just want to scream they help me to keep a my mind and body healthy since I'm in constant movement and constant thinking which stimulate my brain. 

7. Time Management & Organization
I'm still learning about this since I haven't found the perfect routine for me, but I have being doing good in this so far especially with all the things that I do during my day. Sometimes is very hard to manage my time so I can make all the thing that I want and need but I'm getting there. I just have to be more organized when it comes to make priorities. 

8. Be more private
This is very important for everyone and specially for the military members because you never know who twisted mind is out there targeting people. So, I have learn to be more cautious and be more private when it comes to the social medias. I like to post things (when I remember to post them haha) after the event has ended because its more secure for me and my family. 

9.Be more communicative
I have learn to be more communicative with my husband and he with me, especially when it come to military stuff. This is very important because its what keep us being one as a couple and the communication is the key for any relationship because without it in what is based the relation? So yeah, it's something that we have been growing day by day making it stronger. 

10.Enjoy myself & the little thing
I have learn to enjoy myself since all our family is in Puerto Rico I spend a lot of time with me, and at the beginning I felt lonely but I have learn to just enjoy my own company and treat myself, do some exercise, talk with God, just sit and look through the window and pay attention to the little things. It's very therapeutic, at least for me but yeah it's nice and lovely being with myself and my husband.

11. The military Lifestyle can't stop me for pursuing my dreams
I have learn that not even the military lifestyle can stop me to pursuing and achieving my dreams. Sometimes it's hard for certain factors like the uncertainty of what can come, but not even that can stop me. I'm decided to accomplished my goals (short and long ones).

That's all for today,  I hope this is somewhat helpful and inspirational. Let me know in the comment section below, what have you learned from life?

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