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Why being simple if you can shine?

by - January 09, 2019

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Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Happy New Year, blessings and the best wishes for all of you!

As I said in one of my blogmas post a good way to make a cleanse in your life to start fresh is cleaning your closet. Which means that I have to get rid of everything I don't use anymore or I don't want and that includes shoes. This year I decided the why go simple if I can shine with everything I want? So I decided to start using my heels and platforms again for my everyday outfit but I have to practice because I'm out of shape haha like at my husband's christmas party that my ankle bent and I almost fall completely (memories, memories). I literally can write a book with all my experiences falling in heels or without heels because my ankle bent. 

I remember when I didn't go out if it wasn't with any kind of heels or platforms, I mean I love them. They make see more tall and I love how they make my legs look, it was one of the things that I loved any time I went out my friends, even though I was always on the floor because I always bent my ankle but I also could run with them. Anyways that is one of my resolution for this new year 2019!

I'm going to start using platform pumps because they're more easy to manage haha and I love how they make you look professional but sexy at the same time. I'm thinking on getting a  black platform pumps and a brown ones because they go with everything and look classic but to add some color and leave my comfort zone I think that I'm going to get a red platform pumps. What you think? I know they're not going to match with everything but they're definitely go to pop with the outfit specially if the outfit is just a solid color, like this:

Look how this platform pumps pop pop with the outfit. I'm looking for something like this one because I feel that this design help me with the balance and specially my ankle, what you think? Which one do you like more?

I mean who don't love a cute pair of shoes specially a customized ones! That's right! I was checking some shoes on the page of FSJ shoes and I fall in love with almost all of them. To be honest, they're a little pricey but they're so freaking beautiful!!! I'm saving to buy my customize heels because, why not? once a year doesn't hurt. I'm excited because I always wanted to have something unique and be able to design my own perfect heel is just wow! I mean I love heels!

Like I said, the shoes are a bit expensive but they're really good quality and they're definitely worth to give it a try. At least I'm going to do it and I'm not the kind of person that spent money on pricey things just because they're trendy or in this case because is a sponsored post. 

Anyway guys, let me know what are your January resolutions for this 2019 and what do you think of me getting a red shoes? 

Also, I want to thank FSJ to sponsored this post and  If you don't know who they're I'm going to leave all the links down below. So go check them out.

FSJ shoe time

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