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"Essentials" that you must have in your bag

by - January 18, 2019

**This is a sponsored post

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

I never get tired to tell everyone of you how happy I'm to have all of you here and that you're part of my family and community! So thank you and love you all!

Today I'm going to be talking about what essentials you need to have in your bag or purse. If you're like me and like small purses/bag and Small Backpack all the items that I'm going to be mention are in travel size or compact size so everything is perfectly set inside. 

First of all. you need to have a bag or purse, right? So yeah, this are the kind of purses and bag I love. 


They're small but chic and I can used them at any occasion. Also, I like neutral colors so it can go with everything. If you're looking for a store to buy bags/purses you can check the online store baginning, they have beautiful bags/purses in different sizes, shape and colors.  

So, now let's go with the things inside that you must have to be always prepared.

1. Pen and notebook/agenda
You never know when you would need to schedule something or being up to date with your appointments or you need to write down spontaneous ideas. This really are essential to keep your life organize and keep up to date with all your things.

2. Chapstick & everyday makeup
It's important to always take care of your face and skin, so this even though is just the chapstick can make a huge difference. 

3. Sunglasses & Glasses
Take care of your eyes protecting them with sunglasses or glasses if you need them. 

4. Hairbrush & Hairpins
Your hair is important on how you look specially if you're going to work because it helps make you look more professional. It doesn't have to be something super wow, just by having all your hair in place you can look good. 

5. Pads & Tampons
Every month our dearest friend "menstruation" come so we have to be prepared for any situation at any hour of the day. 

6. Candy or gum
This is not really a essential, but you never know when you can need them. It's important to have good breath at all times

7. Small fragrance or splash and body cream
As I said we have to take care of our body and skin to keep it hydrated, clean and fresh. Also, smell good is nice, even more when other people said it to you.

Right now my purse is a mess because I have everything mixed inside. I have to clean it and organized it as a part of my new goals and ways to start my year. How is your purse/bag? What things you have inside that are essentials for your day?

Happy Friday Everyone! 
Love you!

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