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Skincare Products

by - December 04, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you my skincare products that I have been loving! My skincare is something that I try to keep constantly and give it priority, specially at this time of the year that my skin get dry.I' going to share them on the steps that I use them.

1. Cleansing

I  have being using this two face cleansers, and I love them! The first one is the Fresh Foaming Cleanser from Neutrogena. I use it normally at night or when I'm taking a bath. You can find him at any drugstore and it is like $4 to $6 dollars. The other one os the Morning burst Cleanser by Clean Clear. I really like how this one feel in the morning, I was a little sceptical about it but it really feels amazing in the morning for wake you up. 

2. Moisturizers

This is one the products more important for me because of my dry skin. This babies are from Ponds. The blue one is the normal moisturizer, the more that I use. The green-ish one is moisturizer + makeup remover. I really like them I also bought the makeup remover wipes. 

3. Other creams 

This creams are going to depend on the day and if I'm wearing makeup that day. They're from my ipsy glam bags and both of them are eye creams. if I have to choose between this two I will choose the context cream. The Dr Fan cream is good but I don't like the smell too much.

4. Primers/moisturizers

This two also came in my ipsy glam bag. The Fre revive me (blue), is more like a cream after exercises, that helps your skin to revive and help with the redness. The  Once Finishing Cream by Nots, is a primer in green tone to help with the redness and also have a SPF 30 which its very helpful for those sunny and hot days. 

5. Face Masks

I love face masks, specially when I'm stressed they help me calm myself and go to peaceful state. So I love when Ipsy send me the face masks! I algo got the Hell-pore clean up mask, well it was really for my husband but you know we share everything jaja. I bought it on Amazon or Ebay I don't really remember well, but I love it! Specially before using my face mask to relax myself!

That's all for today!  I'm a little late with the post but it has been a long day and busy. I hope you guys like it! 

Love you guys!

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