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Printables tags & stickers

by - December 14, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you how to create your printable tags & stickers. You know what? I'm going to let them at the end so  you can download them.  You can do them by hand or you can make them in the computer. Either way you make them, you put your time and effort to do it. So be proud! Im going to share the tags steps and for the stickers I will let some stickers printables that you can download and print in your home with normal paper or sticker/label paper. 

Here is what you're going to need:

1. Paper
2. Pens
3. scissors
4. burlap ribbon
5. Optional:
 - Paint
 - Color pencils
 - Markers
6. Sticker paper or use regular paper and glue them is up to you

Steps to do it by hand

1. Choose and cut the paper
Decide which type of form you want  to do your tags and the type of paper. If  you want simple tags you can make them with plain paper, if you want them to be more strong I recommend using watercolor paper or any paper that is more thick and strong than the normal plain paper. Also you can use color papers to make it more fun and colorful. 

2. Paint and draw what you want 
Be creative, let the artist on you out. If you choose to use color paper you just have to draw and write what you want and if not necessary to use to much colors. If not go ahead and play with colors. 

** Before painting and writing make sure you left a good space to make the hole or perforation where  you're going to put your burlap ribbon or any kind of ribbon that is going to attach your tag to your gift.

3. Make the hole or perforation
Like I said make sure to left the space to make it and know put the ribbon. 

4. Time to place it
Now take the gift and place the tag and put it under the tree or send it. 

It's super easy and it's fun! So go ahead don't be afraid! If it doesn't come out the first time, don't worry, try again. 

Steps to do it in the computer

1. Choose the program
You can make tags on word, publisher or you can go to I really like to use canva because it give me different options of lettering and images that I can put together to make a really cute tag. 

2. Be creative
In the same way that you do the step 2 in the by hand steps you will let your artist inside of you out. Here is even more easy, because you just have to look for the image that you want and you don't have to draw it or write it yourself. 

3. Hole/Perforation
Make a little circle in where you want to put the ribbon. 

4. Printing time
Make sure you put the correct paper, make sure the margins are ok, put as many you can in one paper to save paper. Adjust the printer setting to make sure they come with great quality. 

5. Time to place it
Now  is time to make the perforation and place them in the corresponding gifts. 

In the computer is more easy, but I think that is more fun doing them by hand and you can make like a family tradition to spent time with them. At least that's what I think, let me know what you think and which one you prefer. 

Here are some cute sticker sheets that I made myself by hand and the other one I made it on If you want the pdf file click the photos or  subscribe here: 

Happy Friday everyone!
Have fun and enjoy the little things!

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