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Preparing for the New Year 2019

by - December 20, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

How are you preparing yourself for this new year? To prepare for this New Year I want start completely clean and with my goals set and ready to achieve them. More importantly I'm preparing myself to a new year where I change my priorities, a year full of God and his guidance. For this I decide to make 

1. My own Biblical Journey Guidance Journal to write down everything and study.

2. I have my regular calendars and my agenda to keep me organized.

3. Tasks trackers, to keep me up to date 

4. I'm going to get a sketching journal to draw everyday 

5. I have setting my goals, personal and professional

6. I have some ideas for the blog, so I have to sit, storm the ideas and write them down.

7. I'm going to clean the house completely so it start fresh.

8. I'm setting my mind with positive thoughts and good vibes.

Here I'm going to share with you some things you can do to prepare for the New Year 2019:

1. Make a complete cleanse of your house and wardrobe

There is nothing better that start fresh and what better way to do it that cleaning your wardrobe donating or selling what you don't use and having a clean scene and cleaning house.

2. Make a body and mind cleanse

This is very important because you have to get rid off of the bad things in your life, the toxics thoughts or things that are damaging your body and mind. To do this here are some things you can do:


Write down the accomplishments of the whole year to see your progress and be proud of yourself because even when it seems little its mean a lot. From here you can start making some of the goals for this new year.


Write down the lessons you have learn and how they're influencing in your life or how they can influence in your life. 


3. Pay attention to the little things

Sometime we're too focused on the things that we want instead of the things that we need or have and we don't appreciate. So take a step back and look at your surroundings and look for the things you really need and the things gain perspective.

4. Prioritize

Write everything down and make a legend that goes from more important to less important and start prioritizing your list. 

5. Plan ahead and Schedule 

Make sure you make all your appointments before the new year start, so you don't have to preocupate about them just schedule them and present the days. 

6. Journaling

This is totally up to you, but I really recommend journaling, specially to write down how you feel, your progress, and anything you want. 

I hope this is help you for you guys to prepare for this new year 2019!
Happy Thursday!!
Love You!

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