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New year, new goals, new dreams... What I'm doing for the new year?

by - December 11, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

This year is about to end soon, which means that a new chapter of our life is going to start. This new chapter comes with new goals, dreams, expectations. For me this new goals and expectations are be more close to God and and dedicate more time to scrutinize his word and the learn the amazing things that He have for me and my life. 

For this Christmas I decide to create a Devotional Bundle Pack with the things that I'm going to be doing once the 2019 start. I have to be prepare with everything! I also decide to be more organize and track how good or bad I'm doing, for that I'm making a Journal sheet set to be my guide and be aware of the things that I want for this new year. 

Here I'm going to share some of my 2019 Goals:

1. Be Happy
2. Be more close to God
3. Do my dairy devotional
4. Be successful with my own business
5. Fall in love over and over again with my husband
6. Let go my fears
7. Be more confident 
8. Continue my chemist job search
9. Continue my grad studies
10. Be more grateful and thankful
11. See and be with my family
12. Make a difference
13. Continue blogging and making videos that I love
14. Launch my projects
15. Share with others tips on how to succeed in their own
16. Continue with my healthy lifestyle
17. Help with the Finances of our home
18. Find and buy a new home
19. Learn more about myself
20. Talk better english

To be able to achieved all of the goals here and the ones that are coming I have to trust in God and his time but also I have to be organized and decide! So let me show you super quick the templates of the printables that I'm going to be using:

 2019 Planner

The calendar I'm working on it yet, but it will be soon on my store. If you want to check them out they're going to be on my Etsy Store and if you click the photos it will take you to the product! Also I have a s70% discount in all of the products!

How are you preparing for this 2019?

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