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Hosting a Christmas Party

by - December 19, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Are you hosting a Christmas Party and have no idea what to do? Well here I have some tips and ideas that it would make it more easy for you and no matter if it is a brunch or a dinner here are some basic things that you will need! Let's start with some questions you have to make yourself before start decorating or planning the food.

1. Where is going to be the party?
2. How many people?
3. What's the theme?
4. Brunch or Dinner? Brunch to Dinner?

Themes for Brunch:
1. Golden Brunch
2. Friend-mas Brunch
3. Ornament Outfit Brunch Party
4. Rustic Brunch
5. Scavenger Hunt Brunch

Themes for Dinner:
1. Cookies & Pajamas
2. Snowflake Party
3. Classic-Elegant Party
4. Ornament Party
5. Jingles & Karaoke Night

Once you choose the theme, the hour, the number of guest or at least an estimation, and the locations you have to move on to the next steps, starting with the decorations and then the food. Finally the activities that you're going to be doing that day to entertain your guests. 

When it comes to decorations go simple but classic. It's a way to safe money and don't stress out with everything. Also, at the end its going to be more easy clean everything. 


You don't have to put any tablecloth if you don't want but if you do make it simple and neutral that goes with your party theme but that is not to much and can be ruined easy, specially if they're going to be kids. 


If you're going to do a adult party you can go with glassware but if is a family party you can go with plastic and personalized them or even both one for a brindis and adults and plastic ones for the kids and who ever wants them. You can made or buy some sticker tags printables like these:


Lights are classic and festive, so are perfect for any party. Instead of doing the super decorations you can put just lights and if you want to give it a spice up add a little style with mini paper cups that match the theme. 


You can use cloth napkins or paper napkins, what ever match better. The cloth napkins can be re-used so they're money saver and useful for future occasions. 


Use candles not only for add that scent touch but also to ambience the party. They look cute and go with everything. 

-Cocoa/Coffee Bar table

This is perfect for the holiday no matter if you choose brunch or dinner. So go for it!

-Table setting

If you're doing brunch or dinner you would definitely need this table settings to organized and label everything. 

-Thank you gifts

It's not necessary, but it's a nice touch and way to thank them for be part of your life.


Here some activities that you can do with your guests, specially with kids:

1. Make ornaments
2. Make gingerbread and sugar cookies
3. Photo Prop
4. Christmas Treasure Hunt

Food & Beverages:

1. Appetizers before main course
2. Sparkling wine is perfect and more cheaper than champagne
3. Christmas sangria
4. Christmas tree cheese board as appetizer

For Brunch you can make or buy:

1. crescents
2. tots casserole
3. Oatmeal cups with yogurt and fruits
4. Breakfast Enchiladas
5. French toast
6. Coffee cake
7. Bacon and hashbrown casserole

For dinner you can make or buy:

1. Roasted chicken
2. Potato salad
3. Macaroni and cheese
4. Baked ham with honey and apple
5. Roasted Shrimps
6. Hot potato deluxe
7. Pinecone cheese ball appetizer

This are just a few ideas you can be creative and it doesn't have to be "christmas food" or you can try the puerto rican christmas food like the one in one of my last posts: Traditions.

Anyway guys I hope this is helpful! Let me know how it goes!

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