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Christmas Decorations

by - December 03, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Is Blog-mas day 3, I'm so excited because it's my first time doing it so I really hope you guys like it.  Today I'm going to be sharing about the christmas decoration that I'm going to be using this year, specially the one that I got from Target! 

As much of you know I love Target, everytime I go there I want to buy the whole store! They have a lot of beautiful things for the house, school, office clothing, everything and the prices are great! Anyway, I went with my husband a month ago and I got this beautiful ornaments and Christmas decorations. I'm in love with all of them!





First of all I got this cute toboggan, that it's supposed to be a hanging toboggan but I like it more like a normal one and I'm going to buy a Santa Claus to put on there with some other christmas decorations like gifts or christmas tree. This was only $5.00!



I also, got this greenery garland for just $3, to add some green to my front door wreath or maybe to my chimney. I will definitely let you know! So stay tune to my social medias. 

I got some ornaments for my Christmas tree like this mini toboggan with a mini wreath, the P letters, the merry christmas metal sign, the christmas truck, the christmas balls, christmas car with penguins, the mail box, and the house. They were just $1!





In addition I also bought this wreath set of 5, they're ornaments for the tree too and they were just $3.00!


The Set of christmas tree I'm going to use it to do some of my DIY projects, so stay tuned for them. They were also $3.00. They're so cute and tiny!

Finally, I got this cute wooden tray I think, that says "Believe". It was just $3 dollars and I fell in love since the moment I saw it. It looks so rustic and cute!


For the lights I'm going to use last year christmas lights, since I have like 5 boxes of lights! Also I'm going to re-do my chimney this year to add that wooden style to it. So stay tuned to the blog and my youtube channel. I'm going a little crazy because I decided to do both Vlog-mas + Blog-mas so I have a lot of work to do. Plus I'm working on my Etsy Shop: OPS Shop to create more products for all of you! So let me know down below what kind of printables do you like me to do!

I really love doing this, even though I don't get paid for it! It's a way for me to share with all of you a little bit about me and the things that I love and at the same time I get to know all of you! So thank you for being supportive be here with me!

I hope you have a great week and amazing day!
Happy Blog-mas 2018!
Love you!

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