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2019 Wish List

by - December 06, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

It's has been crazy days and it's just the beginning but we always have to stay positive so that's why I decide to share with all of you today my 2019 Wish List. It's a new year which means new opportunities, new goals, new dreams and new wishes. Let's start!

For this 2019 I Wish:

1. Good health
2. Grow our home
3. See my family
4. Be successful professionally & personally
5.  Achieved my goals and dreams
6. Share my knowledge with others to help them
7. More kind people to the world
8. Be happy
9. Be kind
10. Develop and polish my skills
11.  Self love & confidence
12. Learn and discover more about my self
13. Help others
14. Celebrate life and love
15. Be more in love with my husband everyday
16. Enjoy the little things
17. Do a drawing/sketching journal
18. Practice my photo skills
19. Buy a car
20. Buy a house
21. Never stop dreaming
22. Be more organize
23. Be more strong
24. Fight my fears
25. Be myself 100%

The list go on, but I'm going to finish it here! What are your 2019 wish list? Let me know down below!

Have a great day! 
Love you!

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