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Warm, Cozy & Stylish - Fall to Winter

by - November 16, 2018

     This post contains affiliate links.

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing this outfit perfect for this Fall-Winter transition. Down below is the link to my new youtube video: Fall/Winter Lookbook, so go check it out!

First of all I want to say that I love this black jeans! They're super comfy, stretch and good quality material. I bought them from Amazon, High Waisted Black Jeans. I also found other black jeans similar to these ones here. 

The most important thing when we're thinking on what we're going to use is if they feel comfortable, because at least I don't like to feel that I'm not comfortable with the clothes I have on. Why? because that's what I'm going to project to others, discomfort, I'm not going to feel confident about myself. So that's why when it comes to clothing I obviously look for the trends and the love trying new styles but more than that I look for comfy looks and this jeans definitely are in this category. 

I just have a simple t-shirt that I bought in the thrift store, is in a green-ish color that I'm in love with! Since I bought in the thrift store I don't have any direct link but I found this cool t-shirts on amazon if you want to check them out. 

Now, to keep us warm in this wintery cold days you just have to stylish your outfit with a cozy jacket. This jacket I bought it last year and I love it because it's super warm and cozy inside. I think I found it on Marshalls or Burlington. They have a lot of amazing products as much of you know and the prices are perfect and on budget. I don't spent a lot of money in clothing unless I really want it. Anyway, here I found some amazon deals on cozy jackets. 
Finally, the accessories. They're a tons of differents accessories that you can add on this cold days. Some of them are hats, earmuffs, scarfs, sunglasses (because its cold, but sunny), gloves, among others. Did I tell you guys that I love winter? No, no problem here I go:


Is my favorite season, specially the Fall to Winter transitions and duh the clothing and accessories like the gloves, hats and scarfs. They're my 3 favorite accessories. Not to mention the boots, yesss I friggin love the boots, any kind! The boots that I'm using are from like 3 or 4 years ago and I don't remember where I bought them but I love them! Here some amazon deals for the boots if you want to check them out.

The black hat is from amazon, I fell in love as soon as I saw it. You can adjust it to your head and it looks so cute. I thought that it would look too big in me but I love how it look, specially with my indie/boho/rocker look. 

To complete my look, the sunglasses, if I'm not mistaken I already mentioned them in another post or one of my videos. I love this sunglasses, the color, how they look, the style, I mean I love everything. The heart shaped sunglasses are from Shein, and the price was like $5-6 dollars. Also, here are ones from amazon, heart shaped sunglasses

I'm going to be doing a more wintery outfit, so stay tuned! Also, I'm going to  be a little lost since I'm going on vacation. Follow on my social medias to go with me in my little vacation! Links down below! I hope you guys like the outfit and the amazon deals! Happy Friday! 

P.s. I'm going to be using Etsy to sell my printables while I'm working on the design of my shop! So if you want to check it out here is the link: OPS Shop

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