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November Updates 🍁✨

by - November 02, 2018

Hello guys, welcome back!

As you know is already November, the time goes flying right? So anyway, it's time to do my monthly update about my life (fitness, blog, projects, etc.). I have so many things going on, that sometimes I feel overwhelmed,  but I know that everything is for you guys and that God has a plan and time for everything. 

Let's start with my fitness journey, I'm pretty happy with what I have accomplished. I have been struggling for a long time to lose weight and I have tried everything but nothing was working. I went to the doctors to check that everything was working ok and everything was, so I tried different diets and no one gives me the results I wanted. So I decided to focus on others things instead of the weight. I thought that I was doing that but I really wasn't I was focus in the numbers and no on how my body was feeling. I'm still doing intermittent fasting but it varies by days depending on my body. Also I almost eliminated the sugar, I mean I eat "regular chocolate" and sugary thing once in a while but no as I used to. Another thing that I almost eliminate are some carbs like rice,pasta, and bread. I really feel better, my body doesn't feel tired all the time, and I have loss some weight. As for exercises I'm just doing cardio (20-30 min) and sometimes, if I feel it, I do some legs and abs. I decided to not push myself if my body doesn't feel it and I have being loving it. In one of my last post, TOP CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES AND APPS FOR YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY, I shared with all of you some apps that I use to do my exercises, so go check it out.

I'm excited because this month we're going on vacation to Disney and you know what? It's my first time so I'm doble excited! haha I will be sharing with you all the moments on my social media and my YouTube channel. Also I'm going to be using this outfit, Comfy & Stylist- Fall 2018, because I love it. I'm working too in some videos for my channel Fall and Christmas related so go and subscribe if you haven't.

Blog related updates, I'm working on new projects, among them I started writing a ebook about self conscious and how has been my journey finding myself and accepting every inch of myself. I'm going to include tips and work pages so you can try them and see how they work on you. Also I'm working on some devotionals printables and maybe a devotional Journal, so stay tuned to know. Let me know down below what you want me to write more: 1) Military stuff 2) Devotionals and Christian posts 3)Chemistry 4)Style & Beauty 5)Fitness and healthy. Finally I'm working on my Etsy Shop to include all the printables, journal related stuff and my paintings.

Anyhow guys, I just want to say that I'm grateful for all you and I'm more than happy to be here sharing all this things with you. Remember to be grateful for the things you have and the things you don't because everything has a purpose.

Happy Friday and Month everyone!
Love you! 

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