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Military survival tips by a Military Spouse

by - November 07, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some tips to survive the military lifestyle. They're very general and applied for any kind of situation that you affront as a military spouse and significant other. So lets start:

1. Get ready - Prepare yourself with all the information you can.  Even if you're already married look for all the information you can, ask your spouse. Write down all the questions you have and ask them, don't be scared.

2. Hobbies - Find hobbies or things to keep your mind occupied, specially for the Deployment time. It helps you to don't feel alone and keep you productive.

3. Work - Find a Job that is Military Friendly isn't that easy but is possible. If you can't find anything that suits your skills and knowledge be your own boss or work from home. Today there are several jobs where you can work from home. 

4. Honesty - Always be honest with your partner about the way you feel, be open to communication because the communication is the key of any relationship. 

5. Make friends - Friends are important, because they help you in your bad days. Being a military spouse means that you have to fraternize with the co-workers and their families because they're part of your spouse life and your life. The bright side is that they understand what you're dealing with and they can give you advice and  courage words. 

6. Have your own goals and desires - There is nothing wrong with having your own goals and dreams, go for them. Sometimes isn't going to be easy, but they're not impossible. 

7. Get involve - Like I said you need to get involve with the community, you can join voluntary works and make friends and connections. 

8. Enjoy - Be open to enjoy where you're and what you have. Look them as adventures and learn from them. The little things are the things that are more precious and they stay in your memory.

9. Plan ahead for everything - As military spouse this would be sometime difficult but it keeps everything in order and organize.  

10. Don't be so hard on yourself and your spouse - Cut yourself some lack, we're not perfect and sometimes we make mistakes but when we have each other backs everything is possible.

11. Have a positive attitude in all moments- This will help you to keep you motivated and happy. Sometimes is hard, but we have to look for that percent of positivism in the things.

12. Learn the Lingo- This will make your life easy and you won't feel as an outsider in the activities and when they talk.

13. Don't share- When I said don't share is that don't share when your spouse is in deployment or you're alone. The social medias have their good things but also they're very dangerous. We have to be careful with who we share information, but more important don't share work/spouse info to anyone.

14. Flexibility- You have to be flexible and be able to adapt quickly, because is part of this lifestyle.

I hope this tips are useful, thanks for being here and for your support.

Ps. For all my Military people, I'm working on some printables to keep each one of you organized and in order. I will let you know!

Love you guys!

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