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What's in my closet? Fall/Winter clothing pieces

by - October 13, 2018

Hello guys, welcome back!

As you know is already Fall and the time is passing super fast, so Winter is around the corner which means we have to prepare for it. Since with the Fall comes the cool weather we're already almost prepare for the Winter. Obviously we have to add some more cozy and warm clothes to our closets. So I'm going to be sharing with you what's in my closet for this Fall and start of Winter. 

1. Sweaters/ sweatshirts
They're very essentials for me and for this time of the year, because they keep me warm and cozy. I'm in love with them because they feel so good! Specially the unicorn one, I think is cool, I'm a cool gal now! haha

2. Shorts/jeans/skirts
Like I said the weather started to cool down but it's not too cold to the shorts. They feel very comfy and  looks nice and girly. I bought this jeans on Amazon and I'm really love them specially the design and fabric. I haven't use the skirt yet but I love how its look! I will be sharing soon the outfits. Let me know if you want me to do blog post/video or just post it on insta.




3. Dresses
The same with the shorts applied with the dresses, and when get more cold I can use leggins and thights pantyhouse.

4. Blankets
The blankets are perfect for those cozy mornings or afternoons that you're in your balcony or porch while you read or enjoy the weather and the leaves falling. I bought this two on a thrift store.

5. Shoes
I have always love boots (any kind), but especially during this time of the year (Fall & Winter). In addition, I love this beige/nude heels because they match with everything and look classy and elegant. 



I hope you guys like it. Let me know which ones are your essentials pieces of clothes for this Fall/Winter. 

Love you guys!

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