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Things to do in a rainy day

by - October 17, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Fall is here, as much of you know that means that the rainy days are here too and as much as we love the rainy cozy days, sometimes we don't know what to do. So, I'm going to share with you some ideas of things to do on this days. 

1. Movie Night 
Obviously is the most common activity to do in the rainy days but be sure to a Marathon of your favorite movies or series since it's going to be raining and you're not going outside. 

2. Table/Family Games
Here can be any type of family games or table games like Monopoly, cards, checkers, memory cards game, twister, among others.

3. Sumo Fight
Yeah, sumo fight if its just you and your partner this is definitely a fun game to do.

4. Treasure map hunt
You can hide something or just hide yourself and left the clues around the house is perfect for this time. Be sure to find a good hide spot and left funny and unique clues. 

5. Charades 
They're a lot of app that you can download to play charades. If you want you can play it old times drawing and guessing. 

6. Wine painting
Open a bottle of wine, drink it and paint with it. Yeah be creative and paint using just wine. It's fun and help with your creativity.

7. Baking time
Since thanksgiving and christmas are around the corner, this days are perfect to practice your culinary skills. Bake cookies with different color icings, make a ginger house, or ginger man or whatever you want. It's fun and you get to eat delicious food (unless you're too bad in the kitchen haha).

8. S'mores and hot cocoa 
If you don't have a fireplace you can improvise with cautions obviously. To make it more fun and creative you can make your own (DIY) fireplace to make your s'mores.

9. Camping
You can do inside camping or if you want you can go to the porch or balcony and make it there to be more realistic. It's sound childish but it's really fun. 

10. Read a book
The rainy days are the perfect time to read a book or a novel. Just found a cozy space in your house near a window, roll up in a blanket and voila start reading and enjoying your time. 

A lot of this things sounds childish and a lot or all of them are so, 1) You can do it with your kids and 2) Children games are more fun and take out your inner child. Let me know what things you do on the rainy days. 

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