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Military Lifestyle 101: Staying alone? What can I do?

by - October 19, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you how to deal with being alone as a Military Wife. As much of you know, being a military spouse means that sometimes you have to spend a lot of time alone, can be days, months or years. Why? Because, your spouse have to go where they sent him, since its part of their job and even though sometimes we can go with them, most of the time we can't. So, how to deal with it? 

1. Look for a job 
Independently if you're a going to be in the place for a short time or a long time finding a job or being your own boss can make a great difference on how you distract yourself of the fact that your spouse is in deployment, TDY or whatever is that he is doing.  When you have a job (any job) your mind is focusing in other things, so you won't be so sad or depressed because you're alone.

2. Have different hobbies
In addition of having a job, have various hobbies to keep your mind occupied and at the same time do the things you love and learn new things too, why not?

3. Make friends
It's important to make friends in every place you go, because it helps you when you feel alone and need to clear your mind. What better, that to do it with good friends and at the same time have a good time.

4. Write a Journal
Start journaling every day about how you feel and the things you're grateful for, write letter to your spouse telling him your day and how much you miss him/her. 

5. Be part of the community
With the military lifestyle comes the community, which can be very helpful and resourceful when you're alone. They're like a second family that you need! They understand you more than anyone, because they (we) experience the same or similar situations like you. 

6. Cry if you have to
There is nothing wrong with crying when you feel sad, it helps you get out all those emotions. Also, the tears helps you clean your eyes. We have to look for ways to express how we feel, liberate ourselves of the sad emotions. 

Like I said there's nothing wrong with letting out those emotions and tears. There is nothing wrong with feeling alone, and you know what? You're not alone! I haven't experience the deployment situation, but I have experience the others and I know that I can cope with the situation because I know that I can count with this amazing community that has a lot to offer and they're always for you. 

Happy Friday and Weekend!😘

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