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How to build Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem/Self-Efficacy

by - October 26, 2018

Hello guys, welcome back!

Today I'm going to talking about self confidence and why is important. Not only self confidence but self efficacy and self esteem too, because they're all related. I has struggle with being confident with a lot of parts of myself and not just that, I felt  lost. I have been finding myself but I have a lot to discover and a lot of self confidence, esteem and efficacy to gain. I just want to tell you that you're not alone, we're all struggle with insecurities and low-esteem.

The definition of Self confidence is "a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgment", but also is defined just as simply believing in oneself. The self efficacy is defined as as the "Individuals beliefs about their capacity to influence the events in their own lives", which is the definition of Albert Bandura (known as the originator of social learning theory and the theoretical construct of self-efficacy). Also, the self efficacy is known as the root in the beliefs and not the ideas. The self esteem is "the belief about one's overall self worth" and a "present focused belief".


Now, why are those concepts important in our lives? When we are the three concepts we're able to overcome the fear, to do things we thought were impossible and per consequence you will succeed. You will doubt yourself less or there isn't to be any self doubt. You learn new things, you learn to be more string, you learn to say no and yes for the opportunities you want or won't. You will have peace of mind and less stress. In addition, you will have more energy and motivation to start your day and succeed. in life Is a way to keep us healthy not only physically but also mentally, so, how do we accomplished/build them? 

I'm going to share with you some steps you have to follow to be able to accomplished it. I'm not an expert and I sometimes I doubt and have my down days but that's ok, because it's part of who we're and part of the process. The key is stay committed to succeed and be able to feel the powerness that this concepts brings to your life. 

1. Mind Preparation

You have to get yourself in the right mindset before start this journey, because you would need the motivation. You have to be conscious of the things you have accomplished and your future goals. You need to know your strengths, insecurities and debilities. 

2. Journey Start and Commitment

When you start your journey you have to set what, where and who you are and you want to be. More important, once you start working on yourself you have to be 100% commitment with it, because it's not to be easy, so remember to start simple and small but decided. Set small goals and go increasing with time. 

3. Fight

The fight isn't going to be easy because we're our own enemy and we're fighting with our fears and insecurities. So you have to work on how to defeat and gain power over your thoughts and the negative self talk, specially the negative self talk. We let the world tell us who we need to be and how we have to be, when its you and only the one who have to decide. Instead we let that words works on our mind and we ended believing it and becoming our own judge. 

4. Track your progress

This is an important step, because here you can see how much confidence, esteem and efficacy you have gained on the process. You can make graphics, charts, journaling or everything you want. In my journey I decide to start journaling how I feel, my fears, insecurities and the things I do to fight them. 

5. Don't aim for perfection

Focus on the basics, you don't have to reach or aim for perfection because we're not perfect and you will get disappointed like I said before. That's ok to be imperfect and to be a little mess. It's okay to fail, but remember to never give up. 

Building Self confidence, esteem and efficacy it's about having balance, and about learning all about yourself. The balance is important, because sometimes being over confidence and over self-esteem can create conflicts and when the things don't go the way you wanted them to go, you get very disappointment and you can step back in your progress.  I hope this post inspire you to start your journey today so you can succeed and accomplish all your goals and dreams. Happy Friday everyone!♥♡

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