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Fall Home Decor/ Monthly Update

by - October 01, 2018

Hello my beautiful people welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you the things that I'm planning for my Fall/Winter Home decor and my  monthly update because is October 1!

So let's start with the monthly update! I'm super happy with my fitness journey because I have been seen results finally!!! I know that I haven't post workout post or videos but I haven't being doing any, just cardio and the apps that I downloaded. I will be doing a post with all the apps that have being helping me in my fitness journey so stay tuned. Next, my Fall Mag is live, so if you haven't see it yet, go to this link to downloaded (Fall Mag), and if you want to be the first to get my seasonal Mags, subscribe here. I'm working on the next videos for my channel and my future post, i'm so excited! I'm still working on the days that I'm going to post because how I was doing it was so stressful and didn't have the time to edit them how I like them to be, so yeah, I'm working on that. If you haven't subscribe to channel yet, go to this link and support your girl! I'm also struggling with what products put on my Etsy Shop. I mean, I know but I don't want to put just one I want to have various so it's more easy to sell. Finally, I want to thank all of you for your support, for sharing my content and making me happy! Love you guys!

Now, let's go to my home Fall decor  with my DIY projects using just products from Dollar Tree. My total expenses in the Dollar store was like $50-60, because I wanted to do different DIYs. So yeah, let's start with all the materials that I bought with the quantities:

1. Wreath (1)
2. Small wreath (set of 2)
3. Leaves (4)
- maple leaves (3)
-regular leaves (1)
4. Flowers:
- beige (1)
-orange (1)
-red-ish (1) 
5. Confetti stars (2)
6. Garlands (2)
7. Silver Tray (Birthday section) (1) 
8. Foam Pumpkins medium (3)
9. Wreath holder (1)
10. candles (2 pakg)
11. White rocks
12. Stones
13. Ceramic pumpkins (4)
- blacks and white (2)
-orange with message (2)
14. Plastic pumpkins (3)
- orange-ish (2)
-green (1)
15. Wood frames (4)
16.  Wall candle holders (2)
17. Small silver tray( kitchen section)(1)
18. Pumpkin sign (1)
19. Shred paper (1)
20. Straw bales (1)
21. Spanish moss (1)
22. Leaves Lights (1)
23. Wall Holders (hardware section)
24. Shower curtains (2)
25. Contact paper -wood style (2)
26. Burlap ribbon (1)
27. Jute twine string (pakg of 3)
- beige (2)
-green (1)
28. Artificial succulent
29. Small Bows set of 2 (1)
30. Green leaf bowl (1)

Additional material:
1. Paint
- white
- black
- brown
- orange
2. Glue/tape
3. Rule
4. Scissors
5. pinecone
6. white ribbon
7. Lights 


1. Fall Wreath 


- Wreath 
- Leaves
-Jute twine string
-Greenery of the flowers
-pine cone (park near me)
-wreath holder
- Garland

For my wreath I just used the twine string alternating the colors based on the design of the wreath, to make my base. Then I started putting the flowers alternating the colors, after the flowers I just added the leaves and greenery and finally added the garland and the pine cone. 

2. Pumpkin candle


- candle vase (re-use)
- Leaves light
- Spanish moss
- Stars
- Shred paper
- Green pumpkin
- white paint
- glue or tape
- leaves 

I used a vase of a candle that we bought for the summer, I cleaned it with dish soup and hot water and voila like new! Then I added the moss and the shred paper with some stars. After that, I painted my pumpkin white and with the wet paint placed the stars in the pumpkin. In the meantime, I placed my lights in the vase and once the pumpkin dried I placed it so they have like a pattern in the lights. I glued some maple leaves around a white ribbon and the vase and then some stars. Finally I used double sided tape to put the switch case of the lights between to leaves and added some normal leaves to hide the part of the switch case. 

3. Home sign


- frames 
-small wreath (1)
- Burlap
- flowers (1 of each color)
- leaves
- lights
- contact paper
- White ribbon or white paint
- Stars

I took the back board of the frame and covered it with the contact paper. For the letters H, M and E, I used white ribbon and hot glue. For the letter O, I used the small wreath and for the wreath I used some lights that I had from my wedding (you can found some of these in the dollar store) and the burlap ribbon to cover it. I added 3 flowers, one of each color with some leaves. Finally I added the last details with the stars and adding leaves to the others letters.

4. Mirror in wood frame 


- canvas
- silver tray 
- Contact paper
- stars
- black paint

I used a canvas that I had and I made the frame measurements to put the contact paper. Then, painted the edge of the tray with the black paint. I recommend using chalk paint because I think that covers more. Once the paint dried, I glued the tray  to the canvas and added stars around the "wood frame". Finally I added the bow down in the middle. I love it, because it's look like a mirror.

5. Pumpkin stand **


- foam pumpkin
- Burlap holder
- white paint
- orange paint

Super easy!!! I just painted in where the burlap ribbon came with white paint. Then, painted the pumpkin with an orange that I like better and added some white lines. Finally I'm going to be gluing the pumpkin with the white base and maybe add some stars or a little bow with the twine strings. 

6. Centerpiece


- basket
- white stones/rocks
- stones
- shred paper
- artificial succulent
- candles
- stars
- leaves

This was super easy too! I just placed the succulent in the center and then added the natural stones. After that, I just added the shred paper and the white rocks/stones. Finally I placed leaves in 2 of the corners and the candles in both sides of the succulent. That's it, voila! Here you have a simple centerpiece for your table. 

7. Coffee mugs holders **


- canvas (8x10)
- wall holders
- white paint
- brown paint
- stars
- screwdriver

For the coffee mugs holder I used a small canvas that I had and painted the canvas brown-ish color and the  holders white. I'm still have to place the holders and then put it in the kitchen. 

All the DIY were super easy to do, you just have to use your creativity and imagination. I'm still working on the projects because I want to add some christmas details to them. The complete how to do it, it's going to be in my video that will be up this week! So stay tuned and subscribe to my channel, Behind OPS You can see on the photos how they turn on and the one with the asterisks are the ones that I haven't finish.

I hope you guys like it, remember subscribe to my channel to watch the DIY's and the content that I will be uploading.

Love you guys! Happy Week!

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