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by - September 07, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to share with you 5 series that you can find on Netflix and that have social critics or controversial topics. I think is important to see those kind of series because they touch this kind of topics that we think are non-existence or have been forgotten. Some of this series you have to watch it carefully because some of them are going to depend on what kind point of view do you see it. I'm pretty sure that you guys watch them at this point or know about them but they're pretty good! 

1. Dear White People
This is a serie which principle topic is racism and how different people experience it in their lives.  

2. The Fosters
In the Fosters they talked about different topics like racism and discrimination and not only for the color but by the nationality and sexual preferences. Also, they talk about being gay and how the people treat them. Obviously the principal topic is the foster system and how sometimes can be corrupted and full of injustices. 

3. Switched at birth
At this serie, for me one of the principal topic is the discrimination to the people with disabilities like being deaf and how they have to fight every day for they rights. Also touch different topics like rape and how they're discriminated or judge for what happen.

4. Insatiable
Insatiable, is a serie that have a lot of controversy because much people think that is promoting be skinny and kind of bullying the persons that are overweight but under my point of view they're showing a topic that is so true and is how the people at least a lot of them saw and feel  about it.

5. 13 Reasons why
Obviously a lot of you know about this, and the topics that they touch are suicide, bullying, rape, depression and among others. 

This post is super short, I just wanted to share with you this amazing series that all of you should see and if you get identified with something or some character and need to talk, don't doubt on write me!

Love you guys!
Happy Friday!

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