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by - September 16, 2018

Hello my beautiful people!!

I totally forgot that I put this post on early schedule, but today have been crazy so I haven't being able to write the post. Anyways, I'm going to be sharing with you what things you can do to feel the presence of God. They're super simple and obviously they varied based on the person and the kind of relationship have with God. 

1. Open you heart completely
To feel the presence of God you have to open your heart to him and let him in. 

2. Be sincere 
God knows your heart and he knows when you're being sincere or not. 

3. Be patience 
Sometime we get desperate because we think that He isn't listening to us, but we have to be patience and be really with an open heart. Also we have to put attention to everything because God is always talking to us in different ways.

4. Talk to him 
Every time you take time to talk to him you can feel him and you can hear him. 

5. Read his word  
When you read his word and you scrutinize his words and the things that they meant and how you applied them in your life help you feel the presence of God every step of the way.

You just have to let yourself feel him, let him in in your heart and your life! So, go and do it, don't be afraid it's worth it! Put some music and choose a nice place where you feel comfortable and have a talk with him!

Love you guys!
Good Night!
Happy Sunday!

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