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Navidades en Septiembre πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

by - September 12, 2018

I mean, who is like me that love Christmas and can't wait to December to start buying the decorations and clothes?

So yeah, today is Navidades en Septiembre like we said in Puerto Rico. Well that really comes from Mueblerias Berrios, for a sale that they have and they make a jingle, but for me is perfect because I LOVE CHRISTMASSS is my favorite season of the year!!! Like I said before on my posts is not for the gifts is for how the people change positively during these season. The people get more happy, more kind, more patience, and everything look so beautiful with the lights, the music, the snow even when it's super cold!

So yeah, I'm going to share with you what I have in mind for this year decorations using also the things that I'm buying for the Fall decoration. Almost everything is for the Dollar store because  love the items that they always bring. I'm going to be doing a video buying the decorations and another decor with me, so stay tuned to my YouTube channel and subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos. I'm so exited!! Anywayss!! Let start with the different trends for this Christmas, but first the picture below is a little timeline to be follow until Christmas arrive!


1. Colors: The color trends include the Fall colors including more blue shapes. This based on the fashion weeks and the experts on the topic, the same with the styles/fashion trends.

Fall/Winter 2018-2019 will be a season of Resilience. The five themes of the season are Survival, Vibrance, Rebound, Strength, & Daring. The book consists of fabrics, fibers, trims, colors, and accessories that will be on trend during Fall/Winter 2018-2019.
2. Style: The style trends are the same that the Fall trends when it comes to patterns and colors. Obviously we added more pieces of clothes per outfit because of the cold.  Important to know is that the 80's and 90's styles are back. These are some of the outfits on the FW 2018 for Fall/winter.

Creatures of comfort Fall Winter 2018 2019 Vogue Runway double exposure. Read the Fall Winter 2018 2019 Trends Fashion Week Coverage on Autumn Winter 2018 Fashion Trends: The New Looks to Know Now | Who What Wear UK Γ–СÐ½Γ‘ΓΒΊΓ°Γ‘ Ð¼Γ¾Γ´Γ° Γ’€¢ 2017 Ð²ΓΒ΅Γ‘Γ½Γ° Γ’€¢ 2017 Ð¾Γ‘ΓΒ΅Γ½Γ‘Œ Γ’€¢ Ð¿Γ»Γ°Γ‘‚Γ‘ŒΓ‘ Γ’€¢ 2017 Ð»ΓΒ΅Γ‘‚о Γ’€¢ casual Γ’€¢ Γ‘ƒΓ»Γ¸Γ‘‡Γ½Γ°Γ‘ Γ’€¢ 2018 Γ’€¢ кÑΓ¶Γ‘ƒΓ°Γ» Γ’€¢ кÐ»Γ°Γ‘Γ‘Γ¸ΓΒΊΓ° Γ’€¢ Ð¾Γ±Γ‘ƒΓ²Γ‘Œ Γ’€¢ Ð¾Γ‘„Ð¸Γ‘ Γ’€¢ Ð·Γ¸Γ¼Γ° Γ’€¢ Γ‘ŽΓ±ΓΒΊΓ¸ Γ’€¢ 2016 Γ’€¢ Ð±Γ‘€Γ‘ŽΓΒΊΓ¸ Γ’€¢ Ð´Γ»Γ‘ Γ’€¢ Γ‘‚Γ‘ƒΓ‘„Ð»Γ¸ Γ’€¢ Ð´Γ¶Γ¸Γ½Γ‘Γ‘‹ Γ’€¢ Ð¿Γ°Γ»Γ‘ŒΓ‘‚о
Autumn winter fashion trends 2018: Alberta Ferretti's slouchy purple boots tucked in leather trousers Etro Fall-winter 2018-2019 - Ready-to-Wear - - Γ‚©ImaxTree Autumn winter fashion trends 2018: blue trousers from Palmer//Harding

Decoration ideas - Christmas 2018

Last year, my decoration was blue, red, and silver, so for my decoration this year I want to go traditional (Green, Red, White, gold) and adding black, brown and instead of gold rose gold for that "rustic" look. I will be focusing more on the white color and then adding the other colors. Down below I'm going to put some pictures that I found on Pinterest so you have an idea of what I want.

 a8506158195d01189fecc1fa7330fcf0                                                                                                                                                                                 More use as decor for wedding Rosy Wreath.  Simple and rustic, but classy winter wreath .

19 Pine Cone Crafts for Christmas | Make these awesome DIY ornaments and more decor for around your home.pine Incorporate natural winter elements into your holiday decor with festive DIY Christmas ornaments!

If you're looking for a cute and easy DIY Christmas decoration that can be made in 10 minutes, look no further! This adorable Santa clothesline is perfect! Personalized LIT Rustic Christmas Sign RED TRUCK Christmas Tree Farm Buffalo Check Plaid Lumberjack Wood Home Decor This adorable Bringing the Tree Home LIT RED CHRISTMAS TREE VINTAGE FARM TRUCK SIGN will make any room feel cozy during the holidays! OPTIONAL: YOUR CHOICE OF NAME OR DATE ON TRUCK DOOR. The Truck can be personalized in WHITE, BLACK, BROWN OR GOLD on the door of the Truck. Dimensions: Length: 12 Width: 12 Projection: 1 SIGN TAKES 2 AA BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED. Off and On Switch ...

 Top 40 Amazing Red And Gold Christmas Decor Ideas Christmas Celebrations Joy Wine Bottles Christmas Joy Wine Bottles di BriEllaCreations                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Anyways, I will be doing a post more in details once I have all the things that I want. So stay tuned!! Same with the videos! 

PS. For all the people who live in VA, North Carolina or South Carolina my prayers are with all of you and please BE SAFE! 

Love you guys!!

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