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by - September 05, 2018

Hello my beautiful people welcome back!!

Today I'm going to share with you myths about military spouses in different aspects that you should know are totally false!! Is common that with the pass of the time and based on some experiences the people create myths, it's a form to share the history. So let's start:

1. We're Rich!

A lot of people think that because you're a married to a military member you're now rich, well let me tell you it's not true. Yes, we have an income that is stable but that doesn't mean that we're rich. We have to pay taxes, food, home and personal essentials, make savings and this is only a family of two. As long as we love someone taking care of us, we're also independent so we love working, studying and pursuing our dreams and aspirations as a person. 

2. We don't work because we don't want to

I mean, come on!! This is totally false!! A big amount of military spouse don't work because the Companies or Employers don't give us the opportunity to do it, because of the instability to stay in a place for a long time. And yes, they're stay at home moms and dads and that is a job 24/7 and even them look to work on something, making their own products, blogging, baby sitting other babies and dogs, among other things. So yeah, this is a totally myth!! We as a military spouses want to support and contribute to the household expenses. 

3. Been a military spouse guarantee an employment

TOTALLY FALSE! Yes, we have some "privileges" inside the military life but that doesn't mean that you have a job guarantee. In addition, you have to look carefully when looking for jobs related to your career field that are military friendly and are able to let you move without previous warning because in the military life you have to be prepare to move at any moment. To be honest, the military system doesn't care if you are starting a new job at the moment they decide that they need your spouse somewhere else.

4. As a military Spouse you make more money vs a civilian employee

FALSE, it have been found that military spouses with bachelor degrees make an average of 40 % less than the civilian. Also, as a military spouses we're seen as a "part time job" or "high risk employee" like I said before we have to be prepare to move at any moment. That totally sucks, because we work as hard as them and even more to obtain those titles and knowledge. 

5. We all get to live oversees or in some exotic/separate place

NOPE, that's not true, you can travel but not everyone who join the military get to live oversees or in some exotic/separate place because is going to depend on the kind of job that your spouse is in and where is needed. They don't choose where they're going to go, yes they make a list with the places that they want but not all go to those places. 

6. Living in the base is FREE

JAH!!!!! Totally false, living in the base isn't free at all and can be more expensive that living outside the base. For starters, they get all the BAH that you qualify for vs living outside that you can use that money to do your grocery shopping or your gas expenses.

7. Everyone is a cheater

FALSE, I not talk for everyone but the people that I have known in this year as a military spouse respect and take care of his family, even those that aren't married. Been and live a military lifestyle isn't easy because sometimes they have to go on deployment and that means that you're alone sometimes and that sucks but also you appreciate more your spouse and the time you spent together. 

This are just a few of the myths about military spouses! I hope you like it, if you do, don't forget to share with your friends! 

Love you guys!

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