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My monthly update & 30 TO 360 DAYS OF MARRIAGE CHALLENGE- DO YOU DARE?

by - September 03, 2018

Hello my beautiful people! 
Welcome back! 

Today is Monday and we're starting a new month, September (my birthday month, yeah!!), so that means it's time for the monthly update. In addition to the monthly update I will be sharing with you a marriage challenge that it's super fun and keeps the flame in the relationship! So, lets start!!

First of all, I'm going to talk about my fitness journey. What its going on with my fitness journey? Well, I have been running or trying to haha because I can't run more than 1/4 mile (1/2 mile max.) but every day I try to run more distance. The other day I was in the gym of my apartment complex and I was running in the treadmill and I don't know why on earth I decide to close my eyes and flow with the song because I almost eat the treadmill 🤣🤣, yeah thank God that the gym was empty and I close the curtains so the people in the pool don't look me hahaha. I started laughing and I texted my husband right away to pass the embarras moment. So yeah, the moral of the history is that NEVER EVER CLOSE YOUR EYES WHILE RUNNING IN A TREADMILL!!!!. Anyways, my husband and I downloaded some new apps to do more exercises, since he has pt test (Physical training test) soon we want to stay focus on his exercises for the test. I was thinking on doing a video trying to do the PT test, so let me know down below what you think. Also, we decide to go with the keto diet full time, so that means ZERO chocolate, sugars, cookies, pasta and all the carbs!!😭😭 We did our grocery shopping yesterday and we were so sad every time we pass the candies and cookies haha yeah, but we have to be strong! I'm going to be doing a post with all the fitness app that we use and the ones that don't work for us, so stay tuned.

Now, yesterday since is my birthday month I decide to go for a change. I cut my bangs and dyed my hair dark brown (capuchino). I really was missing my bangs and I definitely needed a change, specially since the Fall is coming! Here is a photo of me now! What you think? Do you like it?  I got also, in the exchange, a new journal and let me tell you that I'm in love with it! It's so cute and it have 3 kind of paper (grid, plane and ruled paper) divide in 3 sections. This week I'm going to be doing some DIY printable to add them to the journal, I can't wait!! Later this week, when my last two items arrived I'm going to be doing like a photo shoot with them and all the pieces that I got my husband in the thrift stores to make my fall looks for my Fall Magazine. The Magazine goes live the day of my birthday September 23, 2018 which is the day after the fall start. I'm so excited!! Btw, if you're a blogger I did an open invitation to collab with me in the magazine so let me know if  you're interested. Finally, my new Spanish video is supposed to be up today on channel, but I have a lot of things to do, so I'm going to do my best to upload it today, if not as soon as I finish it. So go to my channel and check it out and don't forget to subscribe and share with all your friends! Now, lets go with the Marriage Challenge ♡. 

The Marriage Challenge like I said before is a fun and creative way to fall in love over and over again with your partner. We know that anybody is perfect and every marriage has his ups and downs, but when the love is real and mutual everything is possible. I challenge the both of you to do this amazing 30 days marriage challenge that will make both of you remember what you love from each other and why you love each other. Remember that this can be extended to a whole year by changing the dates and doing some modifications, so don't stop at the day 30 and go on with the challenge.

I hope you guys like this post, don't forget to share with your friends! ♡

Happy Monday!
Happy Week!
Happy Month!
Love you!!! 😘😘😘

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