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How is it to be married to a Military Member

by - September 28, 2018

 How is it to be married to a military member

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to share with you how is it to  be married to a Military Member. Too many people think that being a military spouse or love one is bad because of the uncertainty of what can happen, or for all the time alone that we pass, but it's not true. I mean, it's true that there is uncertainty, time alone and we depend almost 100% of the job, but not all is bad. The community that you build is amazing, the connections, the friendships and even when your spouse has to be far from you, you aren't really alone, because we as spouses and love ones take care of the each other so we don't feel alone or too sad. 

Being married to a military member it has been more difficult than I imagined, but isn't impossible and it has a lot of things to offer you and your partner. In my own experience, with the only thing that I have been struggling is with finding a job, related to my field, that doesn't care I'm married to a military member, but other than that everything have being great. My husband is all the time with me (Thank God), he travel occasionally but it's not deployment, it's TDY (temporary duty station- AF )  and just for a few days. So yeah, I'm very lucky in that area. Also, I'm very independent and I lived alone for 3 years, so isn't that bad when he has to travel. 

Another thing is that when you're married to a military member you become part of the military too, which means you can learn about everything you want. You become like a non-official, non-enlisted military member, since we as spouses have our own community inside the bases and we can have any roll that we qualify for. We have our different associations, clubs and groups. It's really pretty awesome, and its feel good been around people that understand for what your going thru without saying a world. An even though those positions aren't paying jobs you can also work in the base if you have the qualifications and requirements and as a military spouse you have more priority that those on the civilian when applying to a military position. 

For those with kids, they also have different communities and things for the kids so they never get bored and stay active and involve with the military lifestyle. When my husband was teaching soccer to the kids early this year, I could listen the conversations of the kids and wow, they talked like if they were almost adults and some of them at the early age of 8-10 years have being travel to so many places and speak different languages and I was like...well...and...what I was doing when I was their age? That kid got really lucky, because not in all the bases they let you take your family since it can be dangerous for them but yeah, there is a lot of opportunities inside the military lifestyle and being just part of it and being married to a member is one and it's not only in the financial or material way, in every way and area. 

So yeah, they're a lot of benefits and good things when you're married to a military member or you're a dependent. Until now everything has been great, I don't give up and I know that God would help me find the perfect job for me, maybe is not here in Virginia, maybe I will have to go somewhere else, but I know that when I find it, it's going to be the one! In the meantime I'm still looking and searching and studying. Also, in what I get something I can continue to dedicate my time to the other things I love doing, like my blog (my baby), my YouTube channel and art. I really enjoy being married to a military member, specially my military member! ♡♡

We're making so many plans and with the help and bless of God I know we're going to achieve all of them. We want to buy a house, we want to adopt a doggy, we want to travel, we want to grow our family (in the future haha), we want to continue our studies, I mean, we have a lot of thing that we're working our asses to get them. Being married to someone in general will had their ups and downs, but its important to be united and always keep communicating with each other no matter what. 

Anyways guys, that's all for today! If you're a future military spouse or love one don't be afraid for the things you heard, every person is different which means the experiences are different, so stay open mind, be patience, be positive because everything is gonna be ok!

Happy Friday! Love you guys! 

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