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What's new for Fall? 2018 Trends

by - August 10, 2018

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Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!!

The fall is coming, which means that winter is more close! Yeah I love winter, but we're here to talk about the Fall and the 2018 Trends that all of you should known. So, what's new for the 2018 Fall Trends

2018 Style Fall Trends

In the style trends for this 2018 you can find a strong vintage come back for the 80's. What specific? Based on the Fashion Shows in New York, Paris, London, Milan the trends that are coming back are the black leathers, the big shoulders and kinds futuristic style with the metallic colors. The same with the big or oversize clothes and street style. 







Color Trends

Like I said the metallic are in trend which means that the color trends for this 2018 include them. Also, with the metallic comes the shimmery colors. Like always the autumn leaves colors are in trend and that include different shades of red, blue, green, yellow and orange which are a lot but the most common are pear red, mellow rose, bright fucsia, ultra violet, navy blue, nebula blue, mustard, brown-yellow, olive, among others. Obviously we have the neutral colors like white, black, and silver. Here some colors that are trend this Fall:

2018 Color Trends

Pantone Color Palette - Fall 2018

2018 Beauty Fall Trends

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor,
                            Main thumbnail 1, color,
                            Feels So GrandThe beauty trends for this 2018 Fall include the palette of icy, metallic blue and gold, red lipsticks (like the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor on the right). The minimalist makeup is on trend if you do it with metallic and shimmery colors which let us to the use of diamonds ans sparkles. Another trend are the vintage looks with pop of bright colors like fucsia and blue.





2018 Hair beauty and style 

For the hair style and beauty we always have the buns specially the messy ones and also the claw clips are back. You what else is back? The bangs and the comb headbands, yeah that's right I used them when I was little. The curvy hair is always on trend specially the loose waves that makes the messy look. If you don't want to style your hair you can always use a hat, they look pretty and make you look like if you have stylist yourself. They're perfect for those busy days. Remember to use your volumizing cream or sprays to add that perfect look!!

The Hairstyle Trends for Fall 2018  #hairstyle #trends    80s #Hairstyles  It's Time to #Bring Back  ...

Nordstrom Anniversary NSALE 2018 Fall Outfit ideas4  Must try ideas for hairstyles 2019

1982 -  Chanel at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018 - Details Runway Photos

This are just some hairstyles ideas based on the trends of this Fall 2018. I hope that this trends are a great use for you to be on top and always chic! Let me know if you know some other trends or tricks that we can use for this Fall 2018! 

Happy Weekend!! Love you all! 
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