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by - August 24, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you the Top 10 Korean series that you will love and should watch! As much of you know for my preview post My latest addiction, I love Korean drama series, specially the romantic ones (almost all of the Korean drama have a romantic history behind). I love the Korean series because they're so innocent and pure (at least the one that I have seen). The way they touch and express their feelings are extremely cute, and if you're like me that when I'm watching something I concentrate so deep that I live what I'm watching, I feel what they're transmitting with the story, the characters. My husband made fun of me because of the faces that I make when I'm watching series or movies. 

So here goes the TOP 10:

1. One Percent of Something - it's obviously my number one because as I said before my Blog name was inspired in the serie.

2. Cinderella and the four knights - I know that I mentioned it in the previous post, but
it's definitely my one of my favorite!

3. Strong Girl Bong-Soon - It's a lovely story and is very funny! You can find it in Netflix or Drama Fever. 

4. Meteor Garden - Is also like a remake from Boys over flowers, but obviously have their own changes. You can find it in Netflix they're uploading new episodes every week. 

5. Oh my ghost - This is a romantic/comedy serie even though I jump in some scenes because of the ghosts haha but is not scary. If you want one more scary you can watch Mater's Sun. 

6. My only Love Song - You definitely will like this one if you like comedy. 

7. Goblin - It's like Oh my ghost, but more romantic. I love it!

8. Descendants of the Sun - This one, I identify so much with the characters, even though I'm not yet a Doctor! 

9. I'm not a Robot - This is funny and romantic, you will like it. 

10. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo - I like this one because of the history and it's like My only Love Song but less comedy. 

My next serie is The Legend of the Blue Sea, it's from 2016-2017 but my sister recommend it to me a long time ago and I totally forget about it, so it's in my last after I finish to see Cinderella and the 4 knights again! I hope you guys like it, if you do, don't forget to share with your friends!

Love you guys!
Happy weekend! 

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