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Sunday Morning: 7 Things You SHOULD KNOW About DEVOTIONALS

by - August 26, 2018

Hello my beautiful people! Welcome back to Sunday Monday!

Today I'm going to share with you 7 things you should know about the devotionals. If you don't know, devotionals is when you do something with devotion and is specially used in the religious world but you can do a devotional even when is not religious related. It's a way to learn and dedicate your time to something that you believe and love with devotion. Let's start:

7 things about devotionals:

1. Is not a obligation - It's not something that you're force to do, it has to be something that you really want to do because it require all your attention and devotion. 

2. Is not a "standard" activity- which means it can be anything you want, the way you wanted!

3. It can be anywhere - Like I said it can be anywhere you want and at any hour.

4. Intensity - the intensity or how deep is the devotional is on you and what you feel when you're doing it.

5. Flexibility - Not only is flexible with the hours and places but also is flexible with the topics that you want.  

6. Resources - they're a lot of resources that you can use to do your devotionals. You can use books, music, the Bible, quotes, words that someone said to you or whatever you want. 

7. Purpose and meaning - Every devotional have his own purpose and meaning even when you don't know it at the moment of start it. 

This is all for today, I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy your devotionals!
Love you guys! 
Happy Sunday!
God bless you!

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