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Back to School!!!!!!! What a mess..

by - August 15, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you essentials and tips for the back to school that you should have and know, to avoid the back to school mess. I'm going to be focus on "college" tips and essential but I'm pretty sure that everything apply for any student who is going back to school. Also, I'm going to be sharing links to Shein Online Store, Dollar Tree, and Romwe Online Store. So let's start.


The supplies that I'm going to be mention here are the essential supplies that you must have when you're going to college. I'm going to be listing them below with a link to a place where you can buy them at low prices. Some of the things that I will be  mention here you can do it yourself, if you want me to do a video on how to do it yourself let me know in the comment section below. 

1. Board - This board can be for chalk or markers, I really prefer markers because it more easy and less messy. Obviously with the board comes the markers and the chalk. So I'm going to be list them below.

2. Pens, highlighters, pencils in different colors - I know that it seems super simple, because it is but they're essential even in college and  they would help you study much better, take better notes and be creative.
Jot Washable Broadline Markers, 10-ct. PacksJot Washable Fineline Markers, 20-ct. Packs
Sharpie Fine Point Fashion MarkersPromarx Highlighters, 4-ct. Packs

3. Binder - It's important and very useful to have some binders, because it will help you to stay organize. You can even use it as a planner or agenda.
Jot Colorful 3-Ring Binders, 1 in.Brightly Colored Flexible Poly 3-Ring Binders, 1"

4. Color paper- In addition to the normal with paper and the one with lines, buy some color papers so that way you can organize your topics by color or classes. 
Activity Paper 30-Sheet Packs, 5x7 in. 

5. Paper clips - Paper clips? That's right! They're very useful and you can put it and take it whenever you want which for me is more practican that the clips of the stapler. 
Multicolor Plastic-Coated Paper Clips, 250-ct. PacksJot Assorted Neon Stationary Items Jot Stationary Sets with Cases

6. Sticky notes - The sticky notes comes in different sizes and colors which make them super useful to study and remember things.
Jot 160-pg. Neon Icon Sticky Notes     

7. Index Cards - They're perfect to study, specially to make memory or flash cards with the term and definition, you can even create a game with them and take them everywhere with you to study them. 
Jot 3x5-in. Ruled White Index Cards, 200-ct. PacksJot Ruled Index Cards in Assorted Colors, 3x5"

8. Painting book - Really, where I'm in pre-school? No, you're not in pre-school and they are really useful to relieve stress and distract your mind. Also, they would help you in your creativity part. 

Designer Series Adult Coloring Books Assorted Adult 32-pg. Activity Books Disney Friends Big Fun Books to Color, 96 Pages 

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9. Organizers - It's very important to stay organized because everything is more easy that way. I know is more easy say it than do it. Some organizer can be folders, fillings, pencil cases, paper trays, among other things. 
Jot 3-Pronged 2-Pocket Paper Portfolios, 4-ct. Packs Jot Designer Corrugated Cardboard File Holders Colorful Tabbed Letter-Size File Folders, 6-ct. Packs
Jot Wire Mesh Pencil Holders, 4.25 in. Wire-Mesh Desk Accessory Storage Cups Firstline Color Tab Dividers, 10-ct. Packs

10. Wall Calendar & Planner - You will definitely need a wall calendar a big one so you don't forget anything and stay up to date. Also, you will need a planner that you can carry with you everywhere. You can use one planner for all or use individual planners per classes or subjects, its really up to you. 

Jot 2019 Hardback Designer Foil PlannersJot Desk Blotters with 2019 Calendars, 17x11 in.

11. Coffee mug to go & Water Bottle - They're very convenient specially in college because sometimes you would not have time to drink your coffee in the morning because you're late or have something to do so this things come very handy. You will regret not having one. 

Double-Wall Plastic Tumblers with Straws, 16 oz. Stainless-Steel Travel Tumblers with Push Lids, 14 oz. Cylindrical Plastic Water Bottles with Flip-Top Lids, 22 oz.


12. No. 2 pencil, sharpener and rule set - They're pretty simple and I know that much of you have them already but if you don't have it you should. Even though they're pretty basic they're essential especially when the mechanical pencil doesn't have tip, or you just forgotten or lose them.

Jot Fashion #2 Wooden Pencils, 12-ct. Packs Jot Colorful Pencil Sharpeners, 2-ct. Packs Jot 12-in. Translucent Plastic Rulers, 3-ct. Packs

13. Printer - It's pretty simple and obvious, but some people think that if they go to the library is more economic that buy the ink yourself when it's more cost-effective buy the ink and have a printer always accesible to you (specially if you're in a major that requires a lot of reading and projects). If you're living in a dorm or apartment with other people you can divide the cost between all and that way everyone save money. 

14. Pencil cases- I really recommend a big one and then small pencil case that can be inside the big one, so that way you can have everything organize. 
Jot View Pocket Colorful Pencil Pouches    


Every person is different which means that what works for me isn't the same that works for you, but I will be making my best effort to share with you "objective" tips that can apply to everyone or almost everyone. I hope that they're very useful. Here are some of my tips:

1. Write down everything- During your class make sure that you write everything that the professor says or at least what you think is. 

2. Colors - when you're going to take notes and study use pen colors, color pencil, crayons, highlighters, color paper and everything that comes in different colors. Why? Because it will help you to memorize by associating color with topics and importance. 

3. Study place - when your going to study, make sure that the place you choose is a place without distraction. This is something that is different for everyone, but even though you can study with noises, make sure that they're too loud or distracted. 

4. Super size - it's better when you study with big things like a board in where you can write down everything and practice what you know and what you don't.

5. Organization - Use a different notebook, notepad or sections to write down your notes and do your study reviews. It will help you to study better and you can find more easy the topics or subjects. 

6. Study space - If your're going to make your own study space make sure to have a comfy and practical space where you can have all the things that you need near you. 

7. Prepare - Before think study with people make sure that you study alone and you know a good amount of the material. 

8. Team Work - Be sure to make some friends in your classes so that way you can do study groups in where you can share the things that you know and ask the things that you have doubts. They're pretty good, helpful and also you have a great time. 


1. Night light - You're going to need it, because when you're in college it's almost 100% guarantee that your going to stay awake all night. 

2. Coffee/tea maker - Doesn't need explanation. 

3. Desk/Table

4. Mini Fridge - They will be perfect to have your study snacks and drinks near your desk or table.  

5. Steam - Believe you will need it for those presentation days or interviews. They're super easy and super quick. 

6. Alarm Clock - But I have my phone!! Yeah but sometimes they just decide to died in the middle of the night, which means that we wake up late or never wake up for the class. I know, I  have experienced it myself! haha

7. Bath Shoes & Gown - Yeah would need them, specially if you're in a dorm where you have common bath. They're super comfy and practical. Also, they're part of the clothing essentials that you must have when you're going to college.  


Romwe Generic Fall & Winter

Clothing Essentials:

When we're going to start a new year at school or college we want to look good and there is nothing wrong with that, but I' m going to be sharing with you some clothing pieces that you should have in your closet that are more than "pretty" and "fashion", are needed.

1. Sweater & hoodies - They'e definitely are my favorites, because they're super comfy and easy to wear with anything. I usually have like 5 -10 including jackets so I can make different outfits. 

2. Jeans & Shorts - Super mega essentials for the day by day school outfits. They're pretty easy to combine or pair. I usually have like 5 jeans (including leggings) and 2-3 shorts.


3. Plain T-shirts - Super basic and necessary, also they're very neutral and you don't have to think much with what you have to pair it. I recommend have one of every color and buy some with more that one color on it. 

4. Sneakers - Super comfy, specially when you have to walk all day. More basic, white and black sneakers. 

5. Big Scarf - They have a more than one purpose, they can be use as a normal scarf or you can use them as a little blanket for the cold or if you want to study outside in the grass. Also you can add style to your outfit with them, pretty nice, right?

I hope that you like the post, if you do don't forget to share with your friends! I will be uploading soon a back to school video, so stay tune to my YouTube channel: Behind OPS 

Love you guys!! 

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