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by - August 05, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, today I'm going to talk about acceptance. What is acceptance? Well acceptance is the quality or state of being accepted or acceptable. What I'm going to be addressing is the acceptance of yourself. You were made the way you're and its time that you accept yourself for who you're and don't let the world tell you who you have to be

Sometimes is scary accept who you're but believe once you do it it feels awesome. It took me a lot of time accept myself for who I'm and I really struggle a lot. But I did it, and I'm still learning more about myself and accepting some parts of me that I'm not happy about, but with patience and dedication you can do it. If you propose and you are ready to take that step do it, don't wait another minute. The way you feel when you accept yourself is powerful, it makes you feel in control of your life, your body, and your being. 

A good way to start accepting yourself is writing down the things that you don't like or love and then write how you can work (in a healthy) with it and the things that you like and love about yourself and how they can help you to love the things you don't love. Also, write messages and inspirational words in notes and put it in different part of the house so you can see them anytime. They really help and keeps you motivated during the day and in the bad days. 

Why is important to accept who you're and love yourself? Because if you don't accept and love yourself,how do you expect to love others and how you  expected that other people accept you when you don't even do it. It's time to leave excuses behind and take action. Take small steps until you accept 100 percent who you're and let me tell you that you're beautiful, you're unique, you're valuable, you're powerful, you have the power in your hands to change what you want (don't waste it) and take out all the potential you have in you.

Happy Sunday!
Love you all!

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