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Monthly Update

by - July 02, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back! 

Today is Monthly Update!! So lets start with my fitness journey, my husband and I decided to do just cardio (I'm doing some strength workout, but they are short). Why? Because he says that if I want to lose weight I have to do cardio or do more cardio (more time). So, since my ways I haven't seen the results that I want this time I'm going to do what he says. Even though I was doing cardio, I wasn't doing it for a long time, what I mean is that I was doing like 10 to 15 min de cardio and he want to do 30-45 min of cardio and abs or other exercises. So, I'm thinking on doing 30-45 min cardio with him and during the day do some HIIT cardio with strength workouts to maintain my routine. Also, I'm still fighting with my cravings for sugars and carbs, it's so frigging difficult to stop eating them. I know that I can and I will, that's why I'm joining a nutrition support group to help me and I'm going to the nutritionist so he/she make a list of food that I should buy and eat even if I don't like them. If you have some tips that can share with me let me know in the comment section below, I will really appreciated it. I really need all the support and tips in the world. 

Now, I want to talk you about my most recent project, this is my new blog with my cousin/sister/friend Linnette and the blog is about distance friendship. The post are going to be in Spanish and English because it's going to be a diary based on the places that we're living. We're going to merch both cultures and make it one, we want to share our points of view about life, beauty, style, travel, friendship goals, among other things. It's going to be a awesome blog and also we're going to share with you our anecdotes since we were kids. I really hope that you guys join us in this amazing project. Here is the link to the blog Diary of a Friendship in Kilometers , is still under construction but it's going to be live soon. 

Another project that I have been working on is my OPS Store, where I will put all the clothes and products that I love based on the season and occasion. I'm still working on it, because I have been studying to finish my certification so that's why is under construction yet. 

Let see, what else? Well as you can see I upgraded or made some new renovations to the blog and I definitely love it this way. I added some important information about OPS Blog policies, privacy, user rights, among other things. In addition I decided that the seasonal newsletter is going to be a seasonal magazine. So it's going to have more sections and more variety of topics. Let me know in the comment section below if you want me to put it in in the main menu so you can downloaded or you want me to send it to you via email. 

Before I forget, I'm planning on doing a weekly vlog "Behind the scenes". The idea is to vlog all the week and every Monday upload it, so let me know what you think, sounds good? Monday is good or you prefer other day? 

Anyway guys, thank you so much for all your support and for make my dream come true. AHH btw I almost forget, I added a new section about diary of soul words to the inspiration quotes page. This Diary of soul words is about the poems that I wrote and I will write. I just wanted to share it with all of you. If you like them let me know in the comment section below. 

Happy Monday!
Be productive, it's a new day and a beautiful day to be alive and go for your dreams.
Love you guys! 

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