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Military Spouses: Employment

by - July 23, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back to OPS! 

Today I'm going to talk about employment for military spouses. The topics that I'm going to be cover are the cons and pros of being a military spouse at the time to apply for a job, work from home jobs, websites for military spouses jobs, volunteer jobs, among other things. As a military spouse I have been struggling with trying to find a job as a chemist since is what I study in college, so I decided to take a certification to gain experience and to add to my resume. This is one of the reasons that I decide to start writing about the military lifestyle because it has been a little difficult for me. When is not for the "lack" of experience in that field is because I'm in the military and they want someone more stable. That's why I'm looking for volunteer jobs in the chemistry are too, in addition to my certification which I would be able to work in a pharmacy as soon as I finish it. 

Pros & Cons

Well, been a military spouse like everything in this world has his pros and cons. Lets start with the pros, as a military spouse you have access to different tools and resources that the civilian people don't, you have priority to certain jobs like the on base and government jobs. With the cons comes the uncertainty if you're going to stay in the same place for long time so this is a little threaten to the companies, because they need to fill positions that aren't going to be replaced soon. In my own experience don't mention that you're a military wife for those jobs that you don't know if they are military friendly unless they ask you. 

Work from home

This is the most recommendable for military spouse, why? because like you probably know (if not, you know now) the military life is unstable and unpredictable. What that means? Means that we don't know how much time we're going to be in the same place or if we have to move because our partners are relocated to other country or base. So, here I'm going to share with you the most "common" jobs from home. 

1. Start your own business
You can start your own business in anything you want, you just have to look for the laws in your state or country and that's all. You can start a clothe business, a photography business, a food business, anything you're good and can be sell. It surprise you what you can do. 

2. Tutoring
If you're good in any subject you can share your knowledge by tutoring the people who need it. Nowadays there are different platforms where you can start giving tutorials. It's an interesting work and you can make whatever you want, because you put the price of your service. 

3. Start a blog or YouTube Channel 
You can start a blog in any niche that you want, specially the military niche since you're going to be experimenting this lifestyle. Also you can work with the military websites to publish with them.  The same for a YouTube channel, where you can share your experience as a military spouse. You have to know that even when its look easy, it requires a lot of work, is like any other job you can found. 

4. Customer Services
As a customer services you can work from home with a lot of companies as amazon, Aerotek, among other companies around the world. All you need is a phone and a computer to help the customers. You can choose your working hours in almost all of them. If you like talking with people and helping them, then this is the job for you. 

5. Freelance jobs
As a freelancer you can work from anywhere and some of the jobs that you can do are writing, web development, data entry, sales & marketing, translation, among others. You can work as a freelancer, there is a lot of apps and websites that you can sign up to start working. Freelancer is one of the websites where you can look for jobs. Also you can check it out Airtasker, is a platform where you can look for virtual jobs as accounting, architects, among a lot of other options. 

6. Childcare 
You can work as a sitter, its easy and you can do it at the time that it's better for you. There are a lot of mamma that need someone to take care of her kids, who would be better than other military spouse to take care of them. 

7. Pet sitting
Is the same with the childcare, they're a lot of military member with mascots that are a member of their family. You can take care of them, walking them, taking them to the doctor among other things. It's super easy and super fun because they're adorable. 

8. Transcription
If you're a pro writing super fast by minute and listening what other people said, then the transcription job is for you. The transcription job ca be done from anywhere, all you need is a computer. 

9. Lessons
Like the tutoring job, if you're good at anything you can share that knowledge with others. For example if you play some musical instrument you can teach other people to do it.

10. Sales 
If you like talk to others and you're a good in convince other, then the sale job is for you. There are a lot of companies who are looking for people to join them and help them sales their products.

Government jobs 

As a military spouse you can work with the government or any related agency as long as they're military friendly. They also are going to depend in your education and experience. As a military spouse you have priority in a lot of different jobs. The links are going to be down below in the websites section. 

In Base jobs

You can work at base as a military spouse for some types of jobs and depending in your experience and education. Some of them don't request to have prior experience, you just have to look the requirements. You can work at the Commissary, the Exchange, the school, the Club center, the hotel, the bowling, the library or you can work in one of the offices if you meet the requirements. 

Volunteer Works

I know that volunteer jobs aren't the same because you don't get paid, but it helps you to gain experience and make your resume strong and who knows if you get a job by doing volunteer work. 


Every branch has its own resources and pages, I'm focusing in the Airforce because is the one my husband is, but if you have any question I'm more than happy to look for it and answer it. 


Start searching for work here: Job Search

12. eMentor Program

13. My YouTube Channel - I will be posting videos related to the military life by a military spouse
14. Airtasker

Join Facebook groups for military spouses:*****

I forgot to talk about the Facebook groups, which are an important and more accesible tool that you can use to look for jobs. Look for those groups to military spouses in the base and area where your spouse work, so the things you see are related and useful for you. Believe, almost all the jobs that I applied are from the Facebook groups.

If  you have any questions, just let me know in the comment section below, and I really hope that this help you. Happy Monday! Love you!

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  1. Thank you for writing about finding jobs as a military spouse. I am pretty sure that most people have no idea about this aspect of military life. It is unfortunate that I'd you are a. Ambitious military spouse, you may have to choose between spending time with your spouse, or advancing your career

    1. One Percent of SomethingJuly 24, 2018 at 8:54 AM

      Yes, it is and sometimes you have to make sacrifices and choose between one or the other. But I think if you're determined you can achieve your goals (personal and professional). At least I'm doing it, and he supports me.



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