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Finding Yourself with Searching for Lola

by - July 11, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today is going to be a special post because we have a special guest. Today we have the person behind Searching for Lola, Zulimar Algarin and who is she? She is a beautiful puertorrican blogger, she is very special and have a great heart without counting the extraordinary talent that she has. She is a fashionista, animal lover, and a strong woman who had the guts to follow her dreams. We know each other since middle school and she always has been a great friend to me and even inspired me to finally decide to start my blog including helping me with the domain, how to increase my followers, etc. She's always been there even in distance, so if you don't follow her yet go to her page and give her a follow. Here is her Facebook page: "Searching for Lola" and her Instagram: @searchingforlola

La imagen puede contener: 1 persona, sonriendo, de pie y calzado La imagen puede contener: 1 persona, sonriendo

I interviewed her and this is what she has to said:

Question 1: Why your blog is name searching for Lola?

Answer: "My grandmother was the only one who called me Lola, and in a lot of movies even in telenovelas, Lola has always been a confident woman that don't take shit from anyone. That is my mission, I'm searching for that Lola that lives inside of me."

Question 2: Who is Searching for Lola and who is Zulimar Algarin? 

Answer: "We are the same person, I'm not pretending to be Lola or trying to change Zulimar. I'm just looking for that sassy woman that lives inside me, and learn through the process." 

Question 3: Do you find yourself? 

Answer: " I'm always finding myself, because everyday I learn something new that helps me grow as a person. Even if I'm going through a rough moment, I'm still learning from it."

Question 4: How has been the road? 

Answer: " The road haven't been easy, after all it's real life. I just keep reminding myself, how far I have come and how happy this journey has made me. At the moment, I have take some time out to organize my life a little more, but everyday I woke up thinking what I can do to improve my social medias and motivating myself to go back. "

Question 5: Is it worth it? 

Answer: "It has been 100% worth it. A lot of people has talk to me about their experiences and I get to learn from them just like they have learn from me."

Question 6: Do you feel happy? 

Answer: " It makes me really happy when I get to share moments of my life with the people that follow me. It encourage me to continue to follow my passion."

Question 7: Are you following your dreams? 

Answer: "Oh yes!! Step by step I'm seeing a different way of seeing life and becoming a way better person, with confident and being proud of myself for my every day small victories."

Question 8: How do you deal with the "bad" days? 

Answer: "If I'm having a bad day I reminded myself, the person I have become, but I have to be honest with myself. If I'm going through a really bad moment, like I'm now, I will take some time to better myself and once I feel back in track, I will go back to do what I love."

Question 9: What or where is your "safe" place? 

Answer: "My "safe place" is at home with the person that I love, I feel protected and happy and really relax."

Question 10: What tips can you give us to find ourselves? 

Answer: "Don't change who you're just make yourself better. Little by little see what you can "change" in a way that will make you feel better. You will not change all of the sudden so you have to be aware of that. Set goals and don't be afraid of doing what is best for you."

La imagen puede contener: 3 personas, personas sonriendo, noche e interior  

For my part, there's a quote that says: "The best part of getting lost is finding yourself." So don't be afraid if you're or feel lost, because at the end you will find yourself and the sensation is going to be worth it. When you feel like it's too much talk with your friends and let them know what's going on, they will help you and give you strength. I hope that you guys like this post if you do let me know in the comment section below and don't forget to go follow this amazing woman and show her some love. Also, don't forget to Subscribe and share this post with all your friends.  

 & Searching for Lola

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8 comentarios

  1. I love that: "the best part of getting lost is finding yourself". To me all the growth occurs while we are searching ourselves.

    1. One Percent of SomethingJuly 11, 2018 at 8:31 PM

      Yeah me too! I was looking for a good quote and when I saw it, I said this is it!

  2. You truly only find your strengths when you feel lost. Thanks for a wonderful insight into your journey.

    1. That's true! Your welcome that's what this blogs are about!

  3. Love the name Lola, it was one of my top choices when I was pregnant with my daughter!

    1. One Percent of SomethingJuly 12, 2018 at 2:02 PM

      Yes, it's a really pretty name!

  4. What an interesting interview. It was great reading about Lola and the reason behind her blog.

    1. One Percent of SomethingJuly 12, 2018 at 2:04 PM

      Thank you! You should definitely follow her to know more about her and what she does.



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