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An easy way to Improve your YouTube Channel!

by - July 20, 2018

**This post contain affiliate links

An easy way to Improve your YouTube Channel!

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

Today I'm going to share with you an amazing tool to improve your YouTube Channel! The tool is TubeBuddy, is a browser extension that helps you run and manage your channel. I'm going to share with you the features, prices and why not the affiliate program.


It have a variety of features that are key to grow and run your channel, some of this features are:


One of the ways to have a good or perfect channel is by increasing our productivity and how we do that? To increase the productivity you can

1. Create embed codes

With this feature you can create embed codes to added to your website in playlists or just the video form. Also, you can customize the video or playlist that you want to embed.

2. Pre-written messages

This feature is perfect when you want to personalize messages but write them faster because you want to be unique and response everyone.I haven't use it yet, but it's in my to-do list.

3. Card Templates

I'm still new with this but they're really useful to have a great video. With this feature you can create the same set of Cards on all new uploads manually and you can handle it quickly and efficiently. This give you the option to have different sets of cards for your different videos.

4. Comment filters

This is perfect when you get a lot of comments and you can't keep to be on date. It helps you find the messages that you want by filtering them. Even those with "negative" or "hate" words.

5. Emoji

The emoji feature help you to be more creative in the title and description box without have to go to an outside page to get them.

6. End screen template

It helps you to have different types end screen templates for your different videos.

7. Notifications

It's perfect because you can replay the comments direct from the notification, which helps you to save time and be more efficient. 

8. Playlist Actions

With this feature you can organize your playlist by engagements, subscribes, watch time, and you also can delete private and unlisted playlist.

9. Schedule Publish and video updates

This would help you to be more organize, be ready and keep consistence with the content of your channel.

10. Thumbnail Generators

The thumbnail generator helps you to save and re-use your templates for a clean, consistent look across your video thumbnails. Help with the time you spent and help you be more productive.

11.Upload checklist

Help you to don't forget the things that you want to share, because we don't always remember everything that we need to do during the upload process and its a good way to organize all and have a great upload process. Also, if you want to add what the experts of YouTube says, you can by importing the lists.

12. Video Topic Planner

Perfect for when you have trouble coming up with ideas or you're stock. Also it helps you when the people and followers let you in the comment topics that they want you to film. It's simple, but it's very helpful.


Bulk Processing

1. Bulk copy of cards, end screen, and even thumbnails overlays

This is so perfect to add the cards, end screens to your videos without taking forever to do it. You can add them in group instead of manual. That ensure you a clean and consistent look in all your videos because it's important for your brand (including marketing). For the thumbnails overlays you can add graphics to all your thumbnails with your logo or a promotion.

2. Bulk updates and delete

In the bulk updates you can update the cards, end screen and playlists and you can also delete it to manage your time better. 

Video SEO

In the video SEO, you can use auto-translation, automated checks to be sure that you're follow all the YouTube recommendations, caption services, caption service, insta suggest, KEYWORD RANK TRACKING, SEARCH RANKINGS, suggest tags, search explorer, among other amazing features under SEO. This is practically One of the most important tools to improve your YouTube channel! 


You can promote or feature your videos in the description of your others videos, you can specialized links and codes for promoting your videos and channel, track your codes, reach out your subscribers across your social medias and you can select a winner among your comments.

Data & Research

You can know who promote your videos or channel or even mention you. Also you can backup your data and grant access to other people to your TubeBuddy account. Obviously you can track your analytics and see how you're doing using the social monitor, videolytics, real-time subs count, among others. You even can make an valuation of your channel.

Prices and Affiliate Programs

The tool is free, but you can upgraded at any time and the prices are right for what they offer. They even have an affiliate program in which you can earn by sharing what they have to offer (Just that Simple). Here are the prices for the upgrade:

 tubebuddy prices

Just in case, I'm going to let you here the links to other tools that can be helpful improving and growing your sites and YouTube channels. Here are the links, HOW I ORGANIZED MY SELF10 WAYS TO STAY FOCUSED AND DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME, and HOW TO BE MORE ORGANIZE AND PRODUCTIVE? 10 TIPS THAT CAN HELP YOU!. Also, let me know in the comment section below if you want me to share with you different affiliates programs that can help you. I really hope that this post is a great help for all of you people. If you do, don't forget to subscribe and share with all your friends. Happy Weekend! Love you guys!

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