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Monthly Update

by - June 05, 2018

Hello my beautiful people, welcome back!

I totally forgot to do my monthly update but here I go. Lets start with my fitness journey. I have to be honest with all of you, I'm in the point where my motivation are almost none. I'm looking for something that motivates me again. Why I'm demotivated? Because I feel that I haven't see results. I have been down 1-5 pounds but no more. I tried everything I can and nothing significant yet and its been a year. I'm still in 151 pounds, what you guys recommend me to do? 

This is what I have been doing:

  1. Using an app called "Cardio" 
  2. Doing steady cardio
  3. Weight Workouts

I like the app because you can choose the time and the type of cardio (HIIT, Light Cardio, Plyometric Jumps and Joint Friendly) and gives you the workout.The HIIT cardio is really intense, specially when it's more that 5 minutes. You can even create your own workout but you have to buy the app and its only $1.99.

Now, my garden has grow and I have been using my own spices to cook and I love it. Specially my squash plant its spreading all over my balcony.Here some pictures: 

My Summer Newsletter is live, if you want to download it you just have to Subscribe here. Here is a preview:

Have a great night! Stay tune for tomorrow post. Love you guys! Don't forget to Subscribe and give me some love! 😘

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