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How to make your DIY Wedding and planning in a short time noticed (Part B)

by - June 15, 2018

Hello, welcome again!

Now, when it comes to the decorations you can buy them or you can make them all depending on what you want. In  my case I did a DIY wedding, the centerpieces, the welcome message, the photo spot, and everything I need it to decorate.  I'm going to share with you now the things that I did to planning my wedding. First of all I did an extensive list with all the things that I needed to start making the decorations but first I visualize and put all my thoughts together so I could know what I need to buy. Here is a wedding notebook:


Once I wrote and draw everything, I start to delegate task to make sure everything was covered. Like I said in the Part A of the post, we need the help of other people if we want that everything be perfect. Lets start with the decorations, I separate the decoration by sections and tables. 


A. Ceremony
- Entrance
1. Path of petals by Flower Girl

1. tablecloth
2. Documents

1. Lights
2. curtains

1. Chairs for guests

1. Rocks
2. Petals

The venue of my wedding was a restaurant in the beach, the ceremony was on the beach part and the reception was in the dinner area. For the ceremony we used a arch, the restaurant already had lights decorating the area so I just used them and put some more lights in the arch and put the curtains and flowers (when I said "I", mean my sister haha). The flower arrangement was made with artificial flowers. My sister use a carton board to make the form of the arrangement and the use glue to put them together. Here is the one I used on my wedding and a variety of flowers arch that you can use:

Rustic Weddings » 20 DIY Floral Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas » ❤️ See more: #weddingdecoration  elegant pink and navy rustic wedding arch ideas  beach wedding idea, except driftwood instead of bamboo  Bamboo Wedding Arch: Ritz at Lido Beach Sarasota Florida . By Scarlett's Flowers

For the ritual that we do, we use rocks and give it to all our guests so they can write us something and the put it around us. The meaning of the ritual was let us know all the wishes and good things they wish us in our new journey as husband and wife. 

B. Reception:
- Tables:
1. Mr & Mrs
2. Bridesmaid & Groom's men/maid
3. Guests
4. Photo Boot
5. Entrance
6. Food
7. Cake

For the reception the decoration was divide by tables, all the guest tables had the same decoration:
- wooden box with flowers and a barril in the center
- cup of coffee with coffee beans in DIY cloth sacks and sugar (Every cup has a tag with the guest name)
- candles with coffee beans around them in a crystal plate

The table of the bridesmaid and groom's men had 
- The cups of coffee
- The candles 
- DIY bottles with flowers 

The table of the couple had:
- DIY table runner
- The cup of coffee specially for us
- Cage with flowers DIY
- Climbing plant
- A love sign with lights

The photo booth area have two tables with 
- instant cameras 
- DIY P & P letters
- Board with the instructions
- Vines of lights with wooden fasteners with the names of the guests
- DIY Photo props 

Printable Wedding Signs Photo Booth Props  by PrintablePropShopPrintable DIY Photo Booth Props and Signs for weddings, parties and events!

The entrance table had:
- A basket to the wedding gifts 
- Board with a welcome message

I don't have pictures of my food table but it had:
- Double fruit basket that i used to put donuts and other goodies
- Coffee
- Hot cocoa
- Sugar
- Bucket with ice and bottles of milk

Finally the cake table, it was behind the married couple table and had:
- The cake
- The knives
- A lantern

1. Dj

The Dj has their own table on the other side of the Mr. & Mrs. table and we put it a white background.

Now that I have share with you all the things that I did, I'm going to share with you a resume of the things you have to know and do to make your own DIY Wedding:

1. Make a budget
2. Choose a theme 
3. Choose colors
4. Choose a venue
5. Write down all your ideas inlcuding the draws of how you visualize all
6. Make a detail list with all the things that you need to buy and the things that you already have
7. Make other list about the things you can do yourself (like printing some photo props, invitations, etc.)
8. Look in different places to compare prices
9. Start all the decorations at least 1-2 weeks early
10. Delegate tasks 
11. Make a check list so you can verify all the day before and the same day

Designing your wedding can be a little overwhelming, but our wedding décor checklist is here to help! Here's everything you need to nail the details.
12. Organize the decorations by sections 
13. After choose the venue write the seating chart
14. Always do more (It's better have more than less)
15. Don't stress out, you can do it!

Things that you will always need to do DIY projects:

1. Papers (all kind of papers)
2. Glue
3. Paint
4. Glitter (a lot of them)
5. Scissors
6. Printer
7. Rules
8. Constructions tools
9. Artificial flowers
10. Recycle things (like buttoms, bottles, bottlecaps, boxes, etc.)

Specially you will need a lot of Imagination!!

Have a wonderful Friday Night! Love you all!

**I don't own the copyright of some of the images.

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