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How to make your DIY Wedding and planning in a short time noticed (Part A)

by - June 15, 2018

First of all you have to know that planning a wedding with time is stressful imagine how is it without it. But I can assure you that at the end everything is worth it. I did my wedding in less than a month, and it was chaotic but at the end all the stress, drama, tears were worth it. I had the best day of my life with our families and even though there weren't invited all our family and friends because was a small wedding, we loved it. Also, my wedding was a DIY Wedding. Our families help us to do all the decorations and my dress was made for my mom (literally she finished it the day before the wedding). I was obsessed with lavender, so I was a little headache for our families haha. Our wedding was at the beach in a restaurant and it was beautiful, although the the heat was on another level. Here some tips to planning your wedding with short time of noticed:

1. Organization
The organization is the key, you have to be clear about the type of wedding you want so that way you can write it down everything and maintain everything organize. This way you can stay calm and don't freak out when the things get tough.

2. Ideas
You have to have your ideas clear, what colors, decorations, theme, songs, food, everything you need for your wedding. 

3. Delegate
Remember that you're not alone, you can and have to ask for help and delegate to people tasks so you can concentrate in your details like the wedding dress, makeup, shoes, etc. 

4. Budget
This is the most important, depending on the budget is that you know what to get, what to do and how you want your wedding to be.

Now I'm going to share with you a general to do list:

1. Budget
2. Selected Dates
3. Seating plan
4. Bridesmaid and grooms men
5. Photographer
6. Theme and colors
7. Honeymoon
8. Save the date or invitations
9. Guest List
10. Documents need it
11. Florist
12. Cake 
13. Select the people who is going to help you/ Wedding planner
14. Bachelorette party

1. Venues 
2. Officiant
3. Makeup and hairstyle
4. Wedding dress
5. Wedding Rings
6. Vows and/or any ritual 

1. Venue
2. Food & Drinks
3. Register Book and gifts
4. Decoration: table, flowers, centerpiece, gifts
5. Music
6. Cleaning crew 

Once you have an idea of the things you have to keep in mind you can detail them and organize them according to the time you have to make the wedding. Once you have the budget you have to set the dates, the most recommendable timeline is 1 year to plan all the wedding, but if you don't have a year (like me) you have to work around the date you have. You have to decide if you want bridesmaids and groom's men and how many you want. Also, you have to have a theme for the wedding and the colors. For example, you can choose a vintage wedding, a beach wedding, rustic wedding, or any theme you want. Here some examples of wedding themes:

1. Elegant
When starting planning the big day, bride and groom will first of all choose their colors and themes. Today we’ll talk about wedding color trends for 2018 and it may take some time for me to complete these trending colors. We’ll see more soft and elegant colors for 2018, like dusty rose, mauve and dustyRead more  When you take a look at this wedding, be prepared for regally beautiful wedding bliss. It’s seriously breathtaking in every way from start to finish. Wayne and Angela, such a talented duo, captured all of the details and sweet precious moments of this New Jersey wedding so perfectly. I’ve already been swooning over their work […] elegant wedding table setting ideas #elegantwedding #weddingdecor

2. Rustic
Awesome 47 Rustic Elegant Colorful Chic Barn Wedding Ideas. More at  Create magical memories with a beautiful enchanted forest wedding palette for…Elegant Tablescape for an elegant wedding

3. Beach/Tropical
Simple beach wedding decor inspiration | Florida wedding | Flowers | Photography: Pure7 Studios #beachwedding #weddingdecoration  trending wedding arches for a perfect beach wedding  Beach Wedding | Lights | Red Flowers | Photography: TEC PETAJA

4. Vintage
Vintage Romance Wedding with so many neat ideas!! #weddingchicks Captured By: Hunter Ryan Photo  Vintage boho jewel tone wedding  vintage photo frame wedding decoration ideas

5. Season (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
 Yellow Green Wedding Colors |  Perfect Turquoise and Coral Wedding Color Combination Ideas  romantic teal blue and orange rustic fall wedding colors for 2017 trends  burgandy cozy  winter wedding color ideas

As for the colors here are some pallets from pinterest (I recommend use it pinterest to get ideas, it definitely help me):

dusty rose and greenery wedding color ideas 2018 #weddings #weddingcolors #weddingtrends #weddingcolors2018rose wood pink and blush fall wedding color ideasBest 25 Burgundy Wedding Colors Ideas On Pinterest Fall Wedding With Maroon And Silver Wedding Decorationsmauve purple and grey vintage wedding colors ideas / #purplewedding #mauvewedding #weddingcolorsaqua and pink wedding color palette idea for spring summer 2017dusty-blue-and-burgundy-wedding-color-combo-ideas-for-2017-wedding-trendsThe Top 5 Color Palettes For Your Summer Wedding - Wilkie Blog!Wedding theme ideas. Not sure if I'd do this for me, but for some reason I LOVE it. | Tropical Wedding | Ten Trending Wedding Theme Ideas For 2017vintage tiffany blue and grey wedding color ideasNavy and Lavender color scheme + lace wedding ideas for a rustic boho stlechic rustic yellow and lavender wedding color schemesMe encanta el toque de los limones en los centros de mesas.

The theme of my wedding was coffee, it was a beach/rustic-ish wedding, it was a little hard to decide because I wanted all the themes and all the colors, haha, if it was for me I made a rainbow wedding. I was obsessed with the lavender color and for some reason all the things in that color that I wanted wasn't available. It was really stressful, specially for the bridesmaid and groom's men to found a dress or shirt in those colors. We practically went to almost all the stores looking for dresses and since was in the beach we want something comfortable and with a fabric that that was going according with the theme of wedding and decoration. Here some ideas of bridesmaid dresses: 

Azazie is the online destination for special occasion dresses. Our online boutique connects bridesmaids and brides with over 400 on-trend styles, where each is available in 50+ colors.
A bride's best friend! Azazie offers 50+ colors for you to choose from. Get color swatches so you can see the colors in person!
2018 trending bridesmaid dresses with more than 100 colors and styles #bridalparty #bridesmaiddresses #2018wedding

This are just general examples of dresses you and your bridesmaid (specially your maid of honor) have to choice them depending of the theme, place, weather, season, and colors of the wedding. The groom's men attire is more easy because is a suit and you just have to choose the colors.

top 20 groom suits wedding ideas

When we choose our bridesmaid and groom's men (specially the bridesmaids) we want to give them a little gift for be always there with you. In my case, we choose just one bridesmaid and groom's men (in the end results in two groom's men) because it was a small wedding and it was easy this way. But you can choose the quantity that you want. Anyway here some little gifts that you can give them:

Unique groomsmen gifts for the discerning groom. Wanna make a splash with your bros? Get them something that's unique and personalized that fits their unique personalities. We have groomsmen gifts for every type of dude. Our gift selection is affordable and high quality. Personalization is free on all orders. Get your groomsmen something special for your wedding and show them that they're truly irreplaceable. Repin and share! Only from Groomsday || #groom #groomsmen #giftideas  nice 50 Best Bridesmaid Gifts DIY Cheap and Simple #bridemaidsgiftsdiycheap  top 10 bridesmaid gift ideas  10 Gifts Your Groomsmen Won't Hate!

Now the flowers, I'm going to talk more in detail in the next post, but a little preview. Choose your flowers since day one, and buy or make the decorations based on them. In my case I love flowers and natural flowers looks beautiful but then I though the people always get the centerpieces and some decorations of the weddings and the natural flowers are going to die after a time, so why don't use artificial flowers? I decided to do it and I think it was a little more hard than I expected but at the same time it was more easy when it comes to find lavenders (the prices of the lavenders in Puerto Rico are expensive and the time it took to get to Puerto Rico (because they had to be ordered) was too much. So I decide to go with the artificial flowers and order it from eBay and amazon. Amazon and eBay were a life saver.  Remember that the flowers are based on the bouquet of flowers, including the groom flower. 

The cake has to be according the decorations, theme and colors of the wedding. For example for a rustic wedding this cakes are the best option:

Wedding Ideas: Affordable Rustic Wedding Inspiration  beautiful floral greenery wedding cake ideas for 2017  #Hearties #HallmarkChannel

They are simple but look so beautiful and delicious. I think that the simple things are the best because they look classic and you can decorate them the way you want. 

Beach cake:

Brides: Beach-Themed Wedding Cakes | Jami Plummer of Sugar Baby Specialty Cakes  | Photo credit: Chudleigh Weddings love using cupcakes at wedding, this is great for beach wedding.  via:weddingomania Turquoise Beach Wedding Cake

When you mention beach cake the blue color always pop up and with good reason. Look how beautiful looks those cakes with the blue tones. 

In the next post I'm going to share with you the DIY decorations and the steps that I did to do it (with the help of our families). Stay tuned. Love you guys! 

Happy Friday!!

To be continued...

**I don't own the copyright of some of the images. Taken from Pinterest.

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